#NeverTRUMP : Snitches get Stitches

Many that slung filth, barbs and heaping amounts of vitriol onto Trump and his supporters are now in an odd place. Some are doubling down and many have already begun attempting to make amends.

No one likes traitors.

The #NeverTrump movement of people on the ‘conservatives’ on the political right that swore to never support Trump. Some just said they would not endorse him, but others went as far as to actively undermine his bid.

Trojan Horses

There are many examples and manifestations of how detestable traitorous behavior is held to be by society. This is not new and is well founded.

There is the don’t snitch mentality infamous of urban gangs to the odious accusation of being rat fink in mobs and other criminal enterprises. The term of being a turncoat in wars when opposing sides were identified by their coats and someone could literally have have the color of the opposing side in the inside of theirs and could turn it to blend in with the opposition. Sometimes in hopes to abandon their posts or in cases to turn around and fight against their original side.


In the weeks following his landslide victory, many that were previously in the Never Trump camp have changed their tone. Some have done so after meeting with the president-elect. Others that may not have been in the camp but likely were providing supplies and support to it have been considered or for certain positions in the next administration.

There are fears of people infiltrating with intent to harm form within once the defenses have been drawn once more against the continuing collectivist, globalist and establishment onslaught.


another one of those doughs I occasionally draw. More Troy below

There is a strong case to be made that with his cabinet picks, president-elect Trump may be setting up his own opposition. The political ‘left’ doesn’t seem capable of learning form their failures and are doubling, tripling, quadrupling and in general nth-ing down on their attacks and tactics that failed them. Those that remain in the that camp shall likely move further to the fringe of extreme rhetoric, bile and failure. Rendering them unable to provide any competent or positive opposition.

As an advocate for markets and the testing ground they give us all, quality competition, adversity and opposition are great positives to have.

There is a chance that he is adding some of these people since they are in general people that get things done in what they think is the most efficient way. Before they may have bought into the popular observation that Clinton would win. Now they are reassessing the lay of the land and still have a mind for results.

Yet another possibility is this is a first term, or first round attempt. Have to mend some fences and build bridges where one can, and it may not be a horrible thing to have some people come in and try more popular policies and plans, have them turn out to not be that solid or successful then move on to new and better things. This will reduce the chance of people claiming that older things should have been tried during the hard and challenging times that will come with facing the reality that has been avoided by decades of fantastical policies, grifts and lies.

Lastly, the man is known for firing people. If you supported his election, trust him to know what he is doing with the selections. If it fails, I trust you will be right there to hold him as accountable as you held those that previously failed by supporting him to begin with.


It shall not be this decisive or quick.

Couldn’t post just one.


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