But What About the Womens???

This ‘but what about the X’ is usually said in mockery*, but really what about the individual women. Another issue with collectivism and post modernism is how much it hurts those it claims to aide. In large part due to stripping them of agency added to selective use of facts and liberal misuse of statistics.**

Find a man who doesn’t suck. Men, find a woman who doesn’t suck.

Don’t look for boyfriends and girlfriends. Marriage and relationships are to create boys and girls with adult partners that can be great parents. I have been making this argument for a while that a solid relationship and children is better than anything you could possibly imagine. There may be very few exceptions to this but I struggle to think of any. This has come after a lot of research and sources in the Manosphere , Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW), philosophy such as the discussion in the video below.

As a male it makes sense to come at certain issues from from a mans point of view and the inverse for a females, but when it comes to relationships it is a we thing, not a me and you one.

I am taking steps necessary to overcome past mistakes and wasted time to better put myself in a position to achieve this goal. To be the kind of person that is able to and deserves a relationship of the kind I am confident can be had. Give the video a listen and feel free to share any disagreements with the content.


  • from News.com.au : Push to remove fidelity promise from wedding vows in Italy.
    What may first seem like another blow to the institution of marriage may actually eb a positive. Marriage began as a private contract between the couple and in extension their community, friends and family. This ruling could be positive if it reduces the states involvement in the institution (which has been a net negative as is in it’s nature) Technically no fault divorce is already widespread so unsure if this reduces the state being used as a weapon in divorce, if infidelity is no longer a grounds for it.
  • **Click Baity titled video is Click Bait, but a good example of how statistic fudgery of post modernist muckery can skew how we look at things: TL;DR – Meteor Hits Earth, Women Most Affected



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