ONLY Start Business with Friends

There is a common saying that one should not mix business with friendships. This comes form a misunderstanding of both terms.

Business: This is essentially formalized trade, which despite some popular misconceptions, can be a win-win situation. Basic borrowed example is as follows – I have a dollar, you have a pencil. I want the pencil more than a dollar, you want the dollar more than the pencil. We trade. We both win.

Friends : As mentioned in the post  With Friends Like These… , the common objection of difficulty of discussion when confronted with a tough issue should not be applicable. Friends are there through the tough and the good. I have participated in team sports and the relationships between teammates were a big part of what fueled our success. The better any of us did the better we all did.

If you look at the two terms in this way, then it would make sense to work with friends.

  • Your growth would be mutually beneficial.
  • Raises chances of having a similar level of lifestyle with your friends.
  • You would be spending time doing similar things so if business began to require more of your time you would not have to consider entirely sacrificing time with friends.
  • When business should take priority over leisure it would be far more understandable to the friend(s).
  • Business requires a level of trust. If you demand this of friendships it should translate well.
  • Friendships breed familiarity. Find yourself finishing each others sentences? That could be finishing up each others tasks when need be and in general having certain communications that are non verbal and more streamlined than would be otherwise.
  • Business success is not guaranteed.Dealing with it’s failure is likely to be easier if there is a support of a friendship during the process.

Now if you take this and apply it to one of the most important relationship you may have to start pretty much one of the greatest challenges with highest rewards any business could have, and you can have a happy and successful life. I am talking about having a partner, and starting a family by creating a life.

Now just like any other business, they may be easy to begin but require maintenance. They are a challenge and will require effort but reward you in more ways than financially. If you say but how about X business, Y creation or Z discovery. Sure, Nikolai Tesla level brilliance and creativity may not be that achievable with a child or wife, but still, Someone deciding to couple up and have a child created a child like Tesla. That is some fantastic isht. You’re kid could be the one that makes Tesla level of ingenuity look as impressive as 2+2=4.

Again, just like businesses, relationships are not a right. You do not have a right to  a business let alone a successful one. You earn it. You have no right to a friend, no right to a happy partnership, no right to have a child. You can earn, build and support them, but it is no ones right to provide them and support your decisions involving them.

Thanks for reading.


More on Tesla because awesome


  • Video of the post, Nikolai Tesla portrayed by David Bowie in scenes from,  The Prestige. Could contain some spoilers and foreshadowing of a brilliant film, so if you have yet to see it , skip this and find the film.

3 responses to “ONLY Start Business with Friends

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  2. Nice article! My friend and I want to start a business together but were slightly disheartened when a book I was reading suggested it was a terrible idea. This post has reassured me that the benefits of starting a business with friends are numerous. Thanks and Merry Christmas!


    • Thank you. I too am starting one with one, and hope to bring in more. Some of the nerves are coming from not wanting to disappoint the friend either, but that can be fuel to work even better 🙂 Thank you for the read and good words. Good work to you!


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