Response to Terror Against Russia and Germany

What is a sufficient response?

December 19th, 2016. Earlier in the day, I saw reports from Ankara Turkey that Russian ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov was shot dead whilst giving a speech at an art exhibit. The assailant, allegedly a former or current Turkish policeman, was shot dead after making claims that this actions were in part a response to Russian activities in Syria.

Later cam news of the terror attack in Berlin, Germany. As I post this, 50 injured and 9 reported dead and the driver of the truck is in custody. This has echoes of the July terror attack in Nice, France.

Terror begets Terror

In The Thing About Arachnophobia, I asked if there was a valid reason to fear Islam. Assuming the term Islamophobia was more than a dubious term invented to paralyze and disarm by those that wish to control narratives but if valid, a phobia is an irrational fear. When I posted that in February was there a valid reason for fear and/or is there now?

This is from Supporting the End of Welfare, posted in March:

The ‘powers that be’ think that a more direct involvement is needed in a certain region. Their citizens are not supportive…

So how to get the support? Let in a lot of people from that region. Have your populace live next to them…After a while you may have a populace a little more willing to support a more ‘active’ engagement in that region.

This ‘tin-foil-hat conspiracy’ seems more credible today. I am not claiming that ‘the Russians’ did it or anything but this could be spun as an opportunity for more warfare and less welfare.

Allegory of the Football Player and the Distressing Damsel

In 2014,  18 year old Joe Mixon was was involved in an altercation with Amelia Monitor, a fellow student. The footage was initially shown to media, members involved in the criminal proceedings and members of Oklahoma University. He plead not guilty to the was charges of misdemeanor acts resulting in gross injury. He received a years suspension from participating American football activities for which he had been awarded a full scholarship to the school to play and study. This season he returned to the field and has been a star on his team. The tape of the incident was recently made public. Viewer discretion advised.

It is clear that Monitor initiated contact with Mixon. She placed hands on him, he jerks towards her then she slaps him. He punches, she drops, he walks out.

Now for some arguments that will lead back to tying this into the response to Terrorism.

Claims that Mixon walking  was a damning sign of guilt are unconvincing, it’s worth noting that Amelia Monitor, did not want the video released. Their parts in this would not change had checked on her or stood around and possibly gotten into more altercations. He didn’t flee from the authorities when they came for him.

There is the common saying that ‘a real man does not hit women. One can counter it with more sexism by saying ‘a real woman does not give a man reason to hit them.’ With that, we can do away with the unnecessary gendering of this issue and address the power discrepancy aspect, that forms the basis of the trope.

Now let’s discount intimate partner violence statistics show that lesbian couples have the highest prevalence and gay ones the lowest. Discount that in hetero couples the female initiates the physical abuse upwards of 45% of the time. (in relationships with women ages 18-28 women were 70% of the culprits in one sided violence)We can however focus on their propensity to use weapons and proxy violence (having other people or things act on their behalf). Women are not all the shrinking, innocent and harmless violets that some paint them as.

If you were to universalize the focus on appropriate force over the principle of over the non initiation of force and map it onto the above terror attacks, would Russia and Germany not be  exponentially more powerful than the groups the terrorists claim to represent? If the claim is that Ms. Monitor posed little threat to Mr. Mixon when she grabbed and hit him are you advocating that these nations only respond in kind? Does the claim that the admittedly horrendous death-tolls related to foreign involvement in the Middle-East justify the actions of the terrorists?

The defense of the female human is evolutionarily expected. I’d say is more common on people of a conservative and theological leaning. They also tend to be those that err to the side of supporting Police in any questionable altercations with criminals. Would they also advocate that Police must ensure they are under a clear and explicitly equal threat before subduing the belligerent party?

One of the most disgustingly frequent tactic is to personalize the issue buy stating ‘what if it was your sister, mother, daughter etc.’ What kind of relatives do you haev that are involved in hitting males, or instigating situations where they are likely outmatched? I can not imagine raising a son let alone daughter to be the kind of person that would initiate and or participate in the behavior displayed by Mixon or Monitor let alone terrorists or most of the recent cases involving law enforcement.

There is a failure in parenting on both sides leading to the to making decisions that ended up in this Mixon-Monitor altercation. When it comes to the police and terrorism you often here relatives say they are surprised. They did not see this coming. That is part of the problem.

I will take that saying though and apply it to the terror attacks.

What if it is your your city, country or State?

in the West we ostensibly select our governments, like parents select to have children. Your kid acts up you bare responsibility. Your state bombs another someone may hold you responsible. We have unprecedented access to information not only to see these bad like in the examples above to affect actual changes for the better. The world is getting there but we must press on.

Broken people break other people which leads to more people breaking others. To break the cycle of violence we must be able to discuss this issues and go further into actions that solve it. A massive first step, if not the main thing we should focus on is parenting. Peacefully raised and happy children do not grow up to break others.


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