How to Legally Stay Undocumented in 3 Steps

Step 1 : Do NOT call attention to your Illegal status.

Step 2 : Do not break Step 1

Step 3 : Re-read Steps 1 and 2

When Documenting Undocumentation Goes Wrong

(or right depending on where you stand on the topic)

This article from, covers the story of an emboldened, thoroughly schooled (and as a result uneducated) youth, ratting herself out as a person illegally residing in the Untied States of America and partaking of funds garnered though the government sanctioned theft that is taxation.

I have traveled internationally and had to deal with Visas, permits, applications, waits, bureaucracy and other stresses. The smile on this ladies face has been one I have  after successfully obtaining legal entry to be in countries after the challenging process and subsequent wait.

Part of the damage that the double speak and word manipulation that post-modernist, collectivist, left-leaning, social parasites use is how it damages those they use as their tools. A good craftsman cares for their work, and knows to treat them with care. These people have the mentality of a petulant, spoiled and power addicted child, ready to throw away whatever they have in hand at any notice, always assuming there will be something else to grab when they want.

This lady was proud enough, and surrounded by others that supported her to the point of publicly sharing this.

Humans Can’t Be Illegal

If this young lady and her family were not bamboozled into thinking something similar to the above title, it’s unlikely she’d have tweeted this. She’d more than likely have gone to UT on her scholarship and hopefully not  chosen a major that may actually have educated her and not just further schooled her.

Humans can not be illegal but they can do illegal things.

I have snuck into a movie theater. I was not an undocumented patron, I was illegally there. I did not call attention to it by bringing in a coupon for free popcorn, getting some form the food service then bragging to the usher that I was about to watch an entire movie with free popcorn to boot.  I sat in the seat and watched the movie with an underlying sense of suspense, and if i remember, may have snuck out the same way I snuck in…

I was illegally there.

If you walk into your home and find a stranger sleeping on your couch, with half of the food from your kitchen eaten, they are not an undocumented roommate.

If you have a car and someone steals it, they are not an undocumented driver.

If someone steals your credit card info they are not now the undocumented owner of your account.

People can do illegal things. Now not all illegal things are equal in harm or justified punishment but they are all illegal. When you begin to pick and choose which to enforce in an arbitrary manner certain structures that a civil society depends on begin to crumble.

I am not a fan of States but they are the reality we live in. For now there are many things that rely on maintenance of states (the USA and historically Greco-Roman States in particular). This means that States as they are wont to do, will need to use their monopoly of force to enforce laws in their jurisdiction. From the enforcement on migration, I believe that positives such as a reduction in welfare dependence, taxation and rampant growth of the government can increase the time and ability to make the case for and create a world that does not require states.

One more example to close off. Can you imagine having someone kidnap your child, you call the police and ask for help. They look into it, find the person , call you back and say they can’t do anything because that person is now their undocumented parent?


Two videos of the post. First is…well I don’t know, but its some decent visual effects.

Now as an added example of how borders even work digitally here is a video that will likely be region protected for people viewing in certain countries. Click here : When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong – Vernon Franklin – Uncensored

(not even mad at comedy central for this, they invested a lot into the Chappelle Show and by trying to maintain control on where it is viewed they stand to recoup some of that investment)

Illeagal Leoparrddddd!


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