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Recalling an interview between departing First Lady, Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey while on a bus passing Baltimore. Thought of drafting this post, so took some shots out of the window to go along with it. The shortened version of  city’s name is Bmore.


Why Bmore, it’s one vowel less to say out loud but not much shorter. There must be more to it. Living in Bmore do you want to be more? When you visit  Bmore do you expect it to be more*? When something happens in Bmore do the people make it out to be more?

Anyway what was this be better, be better admonishing from maybe the richest woman in the nation if not world and the partner to one that has spent 8 years holding one of the most powerful positions in the world. Who should be more? The country that contained people that voted for your partner? People that supported your hard work in building your entertainment empire?


How do people of this level of achievement, comfort and success get to tut-tut at the rest. Okay with Oprah she put in hard work to get where she is. SO she may just be working. Saying and acting as she must to do the Oprah thing. Mrs. Obama though… well seems to go with the general race baiting from on high that her partner and his administration participated in. Small fleeting chance that she is realizing that her position may be in part due to affirmative action related behavior and other racial/racist penances and guilt. Be what it may, birds of a feather and all, they sure as hell had things they liked about themselves that they saw in each other before marriage.


Do I really expect them to be better than this? No, I do not. As often with many involved in this behavior I do not believe what they say but believe that they would say it.


That ends this Totally Un-researched Dalliance, where I share some thoughts I have yet attempted to confirm. May be pointless, false or gold. Feel free to comment below if offended, in agreement or otherwise inclined. Or a fan of  “The Wire.” (which i’ll add is an overrated  show having never seen an entire episode. Shot’s fired! Get it? like in the show, but also like in slang? Like in the show?)

  • *Have visited a few times. Once was at a friends an was warmly receive. Other time was by the water and we went to a large Sports Bar. Have a friend that lives there that posts great pics of her neighborhood.
  • Gavin McInnes doing what he does at Rebel Media. Clip of Flotus and Oprah in the beginning here.




a gif of the above because you should share this



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