Merry Christmas 2016

Joy to the World! It is Christmas-Eve, may you have a blessed time.

Some art:

These are from the Savannah Greetings series.



This one from the dough designs for and artees.


Next was inspired by Christmas’ in Nairobi, Kenya. Am stateside now was hoping for snowy Christmas, but maybe next year.


Here are images and video of the partnering of the Empire State Building and Mariah Carey  in which the technologically advanced LED tower lights are synced to radio stations playing her fantastic song “All I want For Christmas.” One of the many songs of which I shall forgive Ms. Carey her many shenanigans and eccentricities.

I may attempt a better recording on Christmas night. wasn’t quite sure what station to get it on, so may have been a bit off as well as having 2 stations going at the start.

For some White Guilty-pleasure click the video below and be carried away into a winter wonderland.

Got about 5 hours of nothing to listen to? Watch it from the start and find kewl interviews with the fantastic lineup of : Paul Joseph Watson, Vox Day, Duke Pesta, Scott Adams, Charles C. Johnson, Lauren Southern, Bill Whittle, Ben Garrison, Dave Rubin, Alex Jones, Bill Mitchell, Mike Cernovich and Gavin McInnes for things relatively, almost, kinda-sorta (maybe not really) as cool as Johnny Astro mentioned by Bill Whittle.

May the sweet baby Jebus shine some of his MAGAnificent light upon one and all

(even the derriere injures post-homodern flacidus people out there put off by events in 2016)


Let us know what you think

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