How Do You Tube?

Can you remember your first YouTube video or binging experience?

How does it compare tot he most recent video you’ve watched? Not sure how I even came to watch this besides ‘ooh things going boom’ but I did and it made me think of writing this post.

There are many of these channels that have such interesting information. Some of the old sources such as the History, Discovery and The Learning channels used to be my main source but now I go online for the fantastic information available.

If you are reading this you have the gift of access to information. I thank you for taking some of that time to read this, but get out and read more. Do not let questions go unanswered needlessly, and also feel free to share answers and information of your own. Sure it may not be brand new info but it may be news to someone that finds it from you. Your contribution could start an  avalanche of change and finding something new could change your course to previously unimagined horizons.

One of my first long binges was of girl-fights. Judge me as you see fit I was maybe in my second year of college. They didn’t use many weapons but grabbed hair a lot. More recently there have been a slew of whup down everything in sight women in entertainment media. The depictions have been approaching if not far surpassing the lack of any accuracy that their male counterparts have been about for years. If it came down to it what would the best weapon for them to use? Video below touches on that. (Katniss is pretty chill though…gyad dyamn Rue. Gets me every time I think of that)

Found the following one while researching gauntlets months back, and then subscribed to it. Lots of great combat tutorials, weapon reviews, demonstrations and history.

Gift yourself with information sometime and go on one of the meandering information journeys. On the day we celebrate the bday of Zombie Jebus I found it fitting to recognize some of the weaponry of the cultures that melded it to winter solstice and pagan traditions to create Christmas.

Also Zombie Apocalypse coming soon.

You have been warned.



5 responses to “How Do You Tube?

  1. I think I am subbed to all of the channels you have examples from.

    My first real youtube binge was the vlog brothers, I discovered them once they were getting quite big (a few years ago) and that’s when I really got into youtube because it clicked that it wasn’t just a bunch of silly videos for fun but a great source of information – and misinformation – and discovery. I watched about 5 years worth of videos straight, it was pretty awesome. But then they got too big and it wasn’t so much fun anymore.

    Then, after watching all these vlog brothers videos and finding many more people to watch I decided to do my own videos so that I could share information and give back to the community a little bit. So I did a cooking show – and will be picking it up again next month. It’s lot of fun, a little bit naff, but the first upload was exciting. Getting 10 views felt like a pretty real achievement.

    Merry Christmas

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    • “But then they got too big and it wasn’t so much fun anymore.”

      Thanks for your input. The above quote is worth a series of posts of its own. Have never watched Lily Sighn but she recently came up and soem peoepl that did watch shared a similar sentiment. I think we are seeing ti also on a larger scale with the actual services of twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google etc. I do not fault them for the business decisions they make but there is also an interesting phenomena of creation and destruction to be seen in this by how they open up space for now things to come up from under their once vibrant but now decaying shadows. Almost like trees in a Forrest giving way to new life in the undergrowth.

      Are some of your previous cooking channel materials online? Would like to give them a look and look forward to you starting them up once more.

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  2. Yeah, I don’t think I deleted any of the videos, might need to update a few of them though – make sure that the content is good. is my channel.

    Yeah, the vlog brothers were really good because they were growing quickly and you could tell that they were excited and surprised, but now they just make their videos and they are used to it. They are just like any other big channel now. I think a lot of channels go this way in the end, there comes a point where they stop being so accessible – a 50k channel can respond to most commenters but after that they stop being able to respond to everything and a distance between the audience and the creator develops – which is fine I guess because I think that most people don’t want to talk to the creators.

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    • good stuff, subbed. Did not know thats what treacle tart is. Saw it in harry potter and have been looking for it in NYC. Well not looking that hard but yeah. Subbed to the channel 🙂

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      • It’s a pretty easy one to make, only a few ingredients – the one I made was pretty chewy, which I like, but I think it also comes in a softer format. I think this is one of the recipes I want to revisit. Thanks for the sub, new videos should be coming sometime next month 🙂

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