Wonder Why You are Single?

I recently came across this article from Forbes, Why Are So Many Professional Millennial Women Unable To Find Dateable Men? The 2012 piece by Larissa Faw expresses a common sentiment that is likely even more of an issue today.

Walking around the city I’ll occasionally wonder about this and do know some ladies getting to their late 20’s early 30s. One in particular during a recent debate told me I was was unfairly setting the parameter of the fertility window of between 18 and 35 since women at 65 can have kids… The term Professional is similar in use to Educated. The terms do not describe quality but instead focus on how time is spent. The title to the article may as well be “Why Are So Many Preoccupied, Debt-laden, Self-Centered Millennial Females* Unable To Find Males That Fit Their Standards?”

Despite my bias, I gave the article a read.

“Romance hasn’t been entirely sidelined, but we don’t waste our time trying to cultivate a relationship unless someone is really amazing.”

Soooooo by romance I hope it is not ‘we accept Ds in our Vs but do not put effort into the actual relationship unless someone fits your CV.’ This unfortunately happens. You are entitled to your standards but why should your private parts be accessible before your private thoughts?

From a young age I had the standard of friends before any relationship. It was more of an intuition and I unfortunately strayed from it for a while. This was due to several reasons including a lack of self-knowledge, getting flooded by hormones and certain cultural decaying effects to general morality and sensibility**. I am now convinced of the friends first policy . This time it is embedded into my person by experience, anecdotes, data, ethics, rationality, foundational virtues and more.

“Life has always gone according to our plans, so why wouldn’t we land a man with these (reasonable) requirements?”

Your plans just didn’t include being in a relationship. You get what you plan for and work at. Arguably your average millennial female living in a major city, has had a majority of their life tailored to their perceived needs, by parents, schools and society at large. As it is to be expected.

“This unwillingness to settle for less than we think we deserve is joined by a lax attitude towards searching for potential mates. We’re busy dominating the world.”

What the what? Damned if you don’t and damned if you do…

“When women work as explicitly hard to find romance and they do for their careers, they are seen as man-hungry. It’s a shame”

Shameful indeed. Shouldn’t be shamed when hungry and you choose to eat. Body needs nutrients just as much as a mind benefits from companionship. As for those that take this hunger to be a sort of all-you-can-eat buffet and find disappointment, I shall share this joke a cousin posted. ‘You women that say all men are pigs, who told you to try them all?

I wondered where she was today on the topic, so clicked on her link to read some of her more recent posts.


Oh my. Oh no...Why do so many females proudly declare  having wanderlust in dating profiles? Wandering and Lust are not that positive signs of a potential stable relationship.

“From the female presidential candidate being called “a nasty woman” to a continued gender wage gap, today’s female leaders, executives and entrepreneurs are more challenged than ever before. Now, Wanderlust, the brand best known for its yoga events, is recognizing incredible female entrepreneurs with its first-ever Amazing Woman Entrepreneur Event (AWE)”

Wanderlust, the company, is successfully spreading within certain millennials as is the desire to travel and explore the world. The latter, much like a career,  will fail to replace what is at it’s core the search for a person and place to create your own new world. (Ms. Faw even ends the first article with the anecdote that that moving could helped her sister find someone)

  • *the term woman and man are earned by behavior not biologically existing for a certain amount of calendar years, as mother and father are not just biological process )
  • Girls could have been used too but my exacting self thinks part of the problem is people looking for girlfriends and boyfriend when they should be looking to make a Best friend that is a man or woman, to become a mother or father to the girls and boys you create together.
  • Somewhat of a followup by Ms. Faw : How ‘Sex And The City’ Ruined The Lives Of Professional Millennial Women
  • **Great song even though he would totes just move in and start a family, none of this out traveling shenanigans, trust me.



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