Someone Should vs Let Me

When it comes to freedom in communities and social interaction I have observed two general schools of thought : Collectivism and Individualism. The collectivist will often say someone should provide X service, prevent Y issue, protect Z resource. The Individualist will often say let me obtain X service, avoid Y issue, secure Z resource. Collectivists claim it is right to demand action of others whereas an individualist states that ones own ability to act is right.

Collectivist mindset requires someone to have more power and ability that one can ostensibly wield. A sort of emergent property is bestowed on this entity. Individual humans are incapable of that ability but somehow enough of those unworthy humans can pick or choose one worthy one.

Individualist mindset proposes that we are limited our knowledge to a relatively small field of competence. This scope of influence can be defined as  the things we have regularly and/or studiously interact with. When you expand from this base admission of human limitations, it would be inadvisable to expect any group of people let alone a single person, to make decisions that concern great numbers of people.

The collectivist underestimates individual choices. The individualist avoids overestimating group decisions.

Theologies have deities that are able to make decisions for collectives     and provide for the masses. It is an admission of natural limitations that this considered to be a supernatural trait. Statism and other collectivist, secular religions do innately recognize the limitations of individual mortals. It is no surprise that communist leadership and other state elite take on aspects of deity-hood once their power-base solidifies and that theologies serve as a vaccine of sorts to the growth of Statism.

No “I” in team?

I identify as an individualist. The more someone recognizes their agency, grants it to and expects it of others, the better we get along. Individuals come together in pursuit of common goals. For example the team pictured below. Our goal was to win football games. We all won as a team 7 times and lost as one 3 times.


It is not as simple to infer individual intentions or requirements from a perceived collective. For example the people in the stands of that game. Besides just being in the stands some were there because their children were playing, a few may have had a crush on a player, one could have been to take this photograph, many others were to see loose. Some likely hadn’t even directly planned to be there.

I shall continue to expand on the concepts of collectivism and individualism. Find a better way to communicate this. I believe they are core concepts to understanding reality and bettering our lives.


Do we really know the difference between fantasy and reality? Recent USA presidential election had people fearing  a result that puts the finger of someone unqualified or impulsive on the ‘nuclear button.’ Nonsense! It isn’t some snooze button to be pushed in hazy annoyance with an alarm, there is a process and safeguards.

hmm one side would often express concern that she was going to send us to war, and the other that he was going to kill us all. Individualists concerned with a negative collective decision. Collectivists concerned with the ability of an individual to exercise agency.

Something to smile about.



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