I See Good Things : Faith in News about Women

Latest installment of the I See Good Things where I share interesting things I’ve found.


Someone help this poor lady

Faith Goldy : “I identify as… a journalist…”

from Rebel Media :

Faith Goldy reacts to the news that two TheRebel.media journalists have been banned from covering events at the Alberta legislature by that province’s NDP premier.

Oh mayn that voice of hers. Accent, cadence, sound. Lovely.


Ohio State Attack UPDATE : Faith Goldy on the scene

from Rebel Media :

Faith Goldy of TheRebel.media flew to Ohio shortly after the OSU Islamic terror attack. This is her second report. See them all here: http://www.OhioJihad.com

Okay, one more. This is where I first saw and more importantly heard her:

Faith Goldy : People of Orlando “are totally out of it,” Islam not “part of their equation”

from Rebel Media :

(LANGUAGE WARNING) As part of his show on Anthony Cumia’s Compound Media network, Gavin McInnes talks to his colleague at TheRebel.media, Faith Goldy, about the Islamic terror attack in Orlando. She has some disturbing observations about the locals

She is awesome. Language warning indeed, voice too hot. Happens to be a woman too. That is a plus to me. In related news about gender being a plus an article form HeQual:

BBC admits its viral “women write better code” story was fake news

Excerpt :

On 12 February 2016, the  BBC published an article with the ridiculous headline “Women write better code, study suggests“. This claim was a BBC exaggeration of an already questionable study, based on pull requests to Git Hub, a site which doesn’t even mention the gender of its users.

The non peer-reviewed paper and the BBC’s cherry-picking of its findings was almost instantly and comprehensively debunked online. Some key facts to note are as follows:

•   There are obvious issues in attempting to identify someone’s gender online
•   There are far more male users on GitHub then one could argue that men are in fact far better at coding because far more are actually doing it and many women are missing in action. Perhaps the small number of women who get involved are marginally better on average, but they would still be vastly outnumbered by men who are equally or more capable.
•   The media have cherry-picked data from the study which also showed clear bias towards those openly identifying themselves as female in many areas.

click here for the article.

This last video was live in Montreal so ties in to the Canadian start of this post. Also great song

Here is the Official video. Great performance on both.


Art then Lulz.


Across the Hudson from the Skyline

Old tropes are still jokes.


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