Using God’s Homes for the Greater Good

Here is a somewhat disjointed Meme.


The news story is from Atlanta, Georgia but number of churches says America… Though I could be conflating the number sleeping on the street to those considered homeless I would expect the number to be far higher. It echoes accusations I used to fling at the church so possibly as a penance in addition to it being pertinent to the topic, of the post here are thoughts:

The War on Poverty is a big reason people are on the streets. Where is this war being waged most intensively? Cities. This is a logistical issue as I would venture to say that most of the churches are in remote areas and most of the street sleepers in urban ones. Mental issues as well result in many being on the streets. In smaller communities where people keep in touch more, there may be a reduction of some of these antisocial and dissociative mindsets. Horrible being alone while surrounded by so many people.

connectichurch-rantatonneWhy limit this to churches when there are more private buildings that are better equipped to house people, such as houses. If it is about being less personal, larger and being unoccupied when people want to sleep are the main concerns, then how many government buildings are there which are ostensibly ‘public’ property. Works excellently as most of these buildings are likely in cities.

Bad News about Good Deeds

The end of the meme does ring true to the main problem. Reliance on the state to allow one to do things. Why would you need permission to house someone, why should someone force you to do so against your will?

I have a few hypothetical time-sharing plans of private spaces that may be worth sharing. They will avoid compulsory or coercive actions that propose effective ways of using current and future spaces. Once we identify issues some the larger challenge is coming up with solutions. This is probably why some people avoid identifying issues. Or worse choose to focus on propping up old ones and worst of all creating new ones.


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