Bravely Suicidal

If you do not shoot to kill during a war, are you suicidal?

In When to Stand in a Pool Surrounded by Flame-Throwers I made the case that a considerable amount of mental certainty is required to attempt a suicide.* Life forms innately respect and revere life. We could not have evolved as far as we have without this key trait. Taking that into account, here is a question many of us will gladly never have to answer :  How certain of your impending demise does one need to be to end another life?

I this post came to me as I thought of this question together with the content in  Universal Abortion and Abortion of Logic. If there was a way to snap your fingers and magically reduce the situations that lead to them, most would. This may be wishful thinking but another magical construct is likely to blame for their prevalence, and that is the welfare state.

Real recognizes Real

Life recognizes Life, life begets life.

Historically, childbirth in the west was a major risk. High levels of Infant and mother mortality to the general cost of caring for the child, getting pregnant was treated with the level of concern it deserves. Biological realities placed the female in a vulnerable position during intercourse then left them relatively incapacitated though gestation and after birth. The risks to mind, body and soul were numerous.

In the west and the rest of the civilized world physical safety during intercourse has been a societal expectation for centuries. Coercion in sexual matters is not condoned by society and is illegal and punished. In the overwhelming majority of the cases in the west, where you are likely reading this from, the female decides on the terms of  intercourse.

Some recent social trends have ‘liberated females’ to express their sexuality. In most of the places you reading this from, there is access t contraceptive options. The female birth control pill in particular, may have been a large factor in the existence and prevalence of these movements.

So safety of mother and child increased? Check. Social stigma of pre-marital sex reduced? Check. These factors are present in the more urban areas of developing nations but the high rates of single-motherhood and abortions present in certain  locations and cultures in the west are not. Why is single motherhood and frequency of abortions at the same prevalence across all demographics in the west?

Well, real recognizes real and to some, all involved look familiar.

Faring Well on Welfare

Welfare, distorts the cost of getting pregnant. What was accurately a limiting financial burden has now become a potential windfall some. If you offered to supply hay, a barn, healthcare and horseshoes to people with little or not cost to them, And tell them they don’t even have to pick the horse dung of the streets? You can expect to see more horses.

Add the access to abortions and you have a situation where many approach getting pregnant and carrying the child to term as a ‘paid if I do, and arguably more importantly due to its normalizing of cosmetic abortions, undamned if I don’t.



Welfare and abortions are supported by certain politicians and you find that the people that use these the most vote for those that provide them.** In most of the west one can give birth to multiple children, have no job or husband and receive entitlements and welfare that support lifestyle that has higher standard of  material wealth than an overwhelming majority of the world.

This isn’t brave.

Single motherhood is not brave

Abortion is not brave.

Even trained soldiers with bullets flying at them find it hard to shoot to kill.

It takes boot-camp*** and other methods to break them down to this point where they can be counted on to end a life. For most people the same structures that break them down and rebuild them into this mentality are woefully absent in returning them to a point where they can be a non combatant. That is how unusual this mentality is to come by.

For the current state of affairs to exist there must be a concerted effort to foment divisions between people. Men pay most of the taxes and child support that fuel the welfare state. To keep them as resources to be harvested to meet the real needs of women and society, they are dehumanized through racial, sexual, historical and other constructs. If they were humans then real  would recognize real. As for abortions, one must avoid humanizing the developing child. Do not specify when life begins. Pregnancy must be defined as solely an issue of a females body, just some cells within her. If it is a life, then other life would recognize life.

Arguments that abortion is preferential to the option of being born into single mother households are spurious at best. It disingenuously limits the options to abortions or no father, entirely ignoring options such as do not have unprotected sex before you are ready to be a mother and have someone planning on being a father.

It is unreal that so many can actually consider this anti-life behavior as positive. Be it abortion or single parenthood, how did I ever not see how horrific this truly is?

For shame.

  • *Males are more successful at suicides but females attempt them more. Most survivors that attempt say they regret the attempt. 5% of women regret abortions? Hardly Any Women Regret Having an Abortion, a New Study Finds | Time
  • **Coincidence or Correlation? 95% of black female voters in the past US election voted for Hillary Clinton. Same demographic that aborts the most, has large percent on welfare and over 70% of children being raised in single parent households : American women voted overwhelmingly for Clinton, except the white ones | Quartz
  • **Women may actually be better than men at killing those not directly threatening their lives. Macabre, Dark matter, black hole dark humor aside, could the normalization and other effects of cultural decay be causing a boot-camp of sorts in making females avoid this, or is it an innate evolutionary trait to achieve better reproductive success? More on this later there is enough here for a series of posts.

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