This is about a story of an 8 year old that was first accepted to the Cub Scouts then had the Northern New Jersey Council of Boy Scouts take it away on grounds of not meeting certain requirements for being in a Boy Scout Troop. The issue at hand being, in the words of the 8-year old, “They kicked me out because I am a girl — born a girl.”

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In the various articles Kristie Maldano, identified as the mother*, indicates that she ‘felt angry as he (Jodi now going as Joe, her child) was having a good time.” Not denying she feels angry, or that Jody(spelling varies as the name may also be e-di-dy fluid) may feel she is not a girl, but here is what a recent acquaintance summarized the issue in the following way.

She’s 8. Her brain & body are still developing. Her sexuality is being challenged by someone (only a mother is quoted here) who is supposed to be guiding her into adulthood.

As it is unlikely that Kristie Maldano will read this, despite disliking the format of addressing the subjects of a story or article… the part about “Her sexuality is being challenged by someone who is supposed to be guiding her into adulthood,” inspired me to make this address.

Dear female that carried the child to birth, thanks you. That being said that “someone” is supposed to be you. This is how you become the glorious being called a mother*. That is how the girl you have, grows up to be an adult and get’s the chance to partake in the reality of parenthood. Which could result in the creation of possibly other boys. Just identifying herself a boy does not make her a boy, let alone require anyone else to do so. Just as simply having the child and feeding her does not make a mother or require anyone to accept you as one. Your main objection seems to include that others will not accept your preferred interpretation of reality, yet your solution includes them subjecting their interpretation of the rules of a set institution to fit yours. I can unfortunately see where Jodi may have gotten the idea that her feelings should be able to change reality solely by expressing them.

Done. Sad state of affairs. Hope the Boy Scouts don’t cave on this and match the unaffiliated Girl Scouts of America that has been accepting self-identifying transgendered children to their troops. In parting there is something you may have suspected or been wondering about. I read a couple of articles. No reference or mention of a father. Only ‘family’. A single, female parental figure…


*A Song for Mama by Boyz II Men. You earn this isht and it can be the greatest thing. Fail and it can be the worst.

If there are really no masculine norms then how does one define a boy? Male is after all strictly a gender definitive term. As in an Ox is a male animal but it never was a boy, as that defines a male human child.

#NOTALLTRANSEXUALS but a frightfully high number come to untimely deaths.


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