Lost Alien in Need of Translation

Happy 2017! I trust you had a sweet’16. I planned on spending New years eve at home catching up on some work and projects to set a tone for the next calendar year. Ended up doing so but also took up an invite to start the year off with a friend.(GC from now on)

2016 ended as I walked to GC’s from Delancey Street Station, last part of a commute that included switching from the 6 to B lines. The night was colder than the temperature as I navigated my way with the help of the pocket sized, GPS enabled, library of all human knowledge that I occasionally use for phone calls in an ungloved hand. I had been somewhat sidetracked after ending a small search of the surrounding sidewalks for my missing glove, doubtfully resigned to checking if I had left it in my room (gloves whereabouts are still undocumented).

Walking by the infrequently opening doors, I heard the charged countdowns begin through the closed windows of bustling restaurants, bars and clubs. Turned down Allen street and Saw GC walking towards me. We greeted each other, exchanged the customary wishes for a happy new year followed by apologies for mutual lateness. The sound of the distant celebratory fireworks cracking over the Hudson and East Rivers as we lapsed onto conversation on the way to his apartment building.


how this post kinda goes

We stood at the door of his apartment and were promptly graced with the presence of his lovely lady.* This description is not superficially based on looks but rather was a suspicion them being together and confirmed, a calculated expectation of GC’s judgment and confirmed by the conversations in the following hours. The three of us tried a few locations before settling in on one a block form Delancey, that fit our shared desire to be able to sit and talk. GC and were quite familiar with each other, but  but besides a some interaction via Facetime, (another application on the device one known as a Phone) it was the first time we met in person.

The three of us had conversations that touched on many topics as we got to know each other, understand each and see how our mutual friendships with GC fit. I appreciated the time spent not just hearing sound of the words but listening and making an attempt to translate what was said. We were speaking English, had a common respect and value for knowledge but were trying to understand what dialect we thought in.

This morning perhaps with somewhat of a pleasant hangover of from what happened hours before I read this story Migrants Angry with Sweden Expected ‘Own House’, Girlfriend. Instead of going with a superficial reaction the admittedly Click-bait titled article could inspire I thought it could be translated to something more familiar. Something that equally misunderstood both by those saying and hearing it.

Here is an excerpt of the article :

“I had very high hopes of getting my own private house. And then they give me this apartment. It’s like a refugee camp. What is the difference?” the former Damascus resident complained.

“I’m 25 years old and have not had a girlfriend before. I’m still a virgin. I’m looking for a girlfriend, I’m looking for a wife. But this is impossible, how can I be able to have a life in this room?” he added.

Gunnarsson reminded Mahmoud that many young Swedes would be jealous of him being given an apartment in Stockholm, as the country is gripped in an unprecedented housing crisis.

“I came to Sweden and had high hopes of creating a life here. But after living here for a year and eight months, I started to lose hope,” he responded.



Sigh, okay okay here is my translation :

“I had hopes of getting my own high-paying job and then they give me this one? it’s like slavery. What’s the difference?” the former valedictorian and X-Studies PHD complained.

“I’m 35 years old and have not been married before. I still have no kids. I’m looking for a husband, for a family. But this is impossible, how can I start a life in this state?” she added.

She was reminded that many people would be jealous of her being a citizen of the country, as the world is a tough and challenging place.

“As an empowered woman, society encouraged me to expect I could do it all. But after 35 years I have started to loose hope,” she responded.


Lilo’s impression of Lindsay Lohan

More on this  to come as the last 24 hours have provided me with posts worth of ideas from what seems like a lifetime of data. General theme is as follows. We have issues that we do not successfully communicate. Expecting others to provide their solutions will result in disappointment only surpassed by the guaranteed failure of choosing to not give it all the effort you can.

A satisfying and planned night made for a grand eve, which led to an exepectedly greater start of the year resulting in an amazing day to wake up to!


  • Ohana means No cliffhanger!
  • Spoiler! Since it isn’t a movie this is not a resolution you can expect from reality, but still good, still awesome.

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