Remember That Time You were First?

I was going to workout, do some work then stay in on New Years eve of 2016.  After the workout getting the last post of the year under the deadline and I decided to take up one of the earlier invites and make it the first outing of the 1st. I went out to the Delancy Street Metro station to meet the friend mentioned in Lost Alien in Need of Translation.

It reminded me of the animated video I made to “That Time” which is oneof my favorite songs by Regina Spektor.

I recall being crestfallen after publishing this to YouTube and saw someone else had a similar idea of figuratively (or is it literally?) visualizing her lyrics, followed through and finished it around the time I started…

Earlier during he aforementioned workout I was finally listening to a podcastinterview with Cassie Jaye, the documentary filmmaker of the Red Pill documentary was on the Tom Woods Show. A self described feminist, she took 3 years to interview Mens rights activists that challenged what she thought she knew and changed how she viewed the 2 major movements for gendered rights. At the end of a pleasant I felt it was if not that elucidating interview. One thing that stuck out was her admission to being willing to take all valid offers to talk about the red pill.

This explained why she had been on several channels on my subscription feed. I can now relate to her sentiment in that it had taken me a while to listen due to similar expectations that kept her from acting.

As tomfound out Tom Woods and his daughter are engaging in a project similar to one I plan on launching this year. One that others have been doing in some way and I procrastinated on for over a decade. In the past I would have let this depress me, but after the pause and shrug to myself in the midst an endorphin pumping workout, I finished listening to what he had to say. It is encouraging that someone I respect and look up to had a similar idea so I have signed up for the offered free webinar and so should you : Tom Woods Webinar on Setting up Websites for Local Business.

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