The Current Year +2 : Day 1 : Post 3 : 4 videos : 5 Resolutions

Inspired by a friends adjustment the Meme. They fly out of the country today but their contribution to my happiness shall continue primarily via isht posting . Shall be using it often feel free to do the same. After all its’ the current year +2 feel free to appropriate anything you feel is worth appropriating. It’s still a free internet.

Relatively free.

As long as people like this guy don’t keep getting their way…

More of about the History of the “Come On, It’s 2015” / Current Year meme from Know your Meme which includes this fantastic video of John Oliver presents – “Cancër  : The Ballad of the Posthomodernist Sapien”

Yes, you can build mosques, but just with the videos above there is no need to make them up.


Resolution number 1 for the Current year +2. Stop caring about people who care little about you.

Remember that. Now here are  the other two videos that are less distasteful than the ones above. Well depending on what you cared of the videos above but i’m profiling my likely reader because people still do that in current year +2… from John the Other to make up for the above : MGTOW resolutions 2017…

and remember “You are the party. Be the Party.” Resolutions #2-4 are in this videoMGTOW is the current year (+2)

Not outright MGTOW myself but I am going a way and am glad to walk with those heading in a similar direction.

Happy Current Year +2


important question from the current year +1


6 responses to “The Current Year +2 : Day 1 : Post 3 : 4 videos : 5 Resolutions

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