Believe It not In It.


I read this comment but did not believe it. It was just a thing they say to things other people say. In this case it was a politicians latest comment that would have some listening and nodding and others believing the end was coming.

believeandlisten-rantatonneI read the article but did not believe what was reported. Thinking about this has alarmed me to an extent. I was entirely comfortable with the notion that this person could say something so demonstrably false, with full knowledge that millions or billions of people may hear it.

A typical reaction to fire would be to run. This is what most lifeforms do. The costs of disbelief  in danger are costly. There are many idioms and admonitions that refer to its consuming power. Playing with fire is not something you should do. How about controlling fire?

Believe in Listening

Listen and Believe often comes with a Disbelief in Listening. In the video below it is accurately pointed out that innocent until proven guilty is actually the exception to the usual state of presumed guilt after an accusation. This is part of why we still react with with incredulity to things we hear. We believe the person believes what they say and are accustomed to taking people at their word. We want to trust people and our judgment.

When someone yells fire we react with the urge to flee. Though we may look for smoke or other signs, If enough join in shouting fire and/or begin to run we may not even bother with that. There is a power in fire. Those that control fire, from the concept to creation of it wield power over others. Controlling fire can be harmful or beneficial.

Arguably overcoming the fear and harnessing its power has been a key part of human civilization. It is worthwhile to know if there actually is a fire. We have built civilizations that sustain our lives on the basis of trust and faith based on the ability to separate facts from fiction. Civilization itself counts on whether or not we believe what we hear is worth listening to.

Next time you hear something unbelievable, pause and listen. Believe that the person saying it believes those that listen will believe. Now realize that not everyone is innocent. Realize that people can believe there is a fire just because they listened to someone yell fire. Listen to me. Your life may depend on it and that is worth taking the time to make sure if you should believe me or not.


The ideas have been in my head for a while.
I shall revisit this topic in hopes of putting it in a better way.
It is of utmost importance to understand that just because you do not believe something that others do not.

Facts are not subjective, but perception of facts are.

Video below contains ideas I agree with and are put in what may be a better way.


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