I Will Miss San Francisco until I Have a Family

Images are mine quotes from an article shared to me by a good friend I made in San Francisco.  California Madness: Hypocritical Coastal Elites Soak Middle Class | National Review by Victor Davis Hanson

Hanson’s article reminded me a lot of the chance I had to live in the “beautiful enclaves”of the Bay area. The idea for this post came flowing to me like the water from the crustal clear-water from “Yosemite’s Hetch Hetchy project”came to the taps in the building below.


Next is the local bar where I met the friend that shared this article with me.


Surely never in civilization’s history have so many been so willing to leave a natural paradise.

San Francisco really is a golden paradise of sorts.


The state’s economy and housing are moribund in places like Stockton and Tulare, the stagnation being the logical result of the policies of the governing class that would never live there. Meanwhile, the coastal creed is that Facebook, Apple, Hollywood, and Stanford will virtually feed us, 3-D print our gas, or discover apps to provide wood and stone for our homes.

On one of my first days there, got up early, opened google maps on my cell and mapped out a rout through Presidio of San Francisco on the way to see the Golden Gate Bridge.


The fog, something I soon became accustomed to, had rolled in over the bay. It was something like you’d imagine in a movie. Possibly thought this influenced by passing by the Walt Disney Family Museum which is located in the park.


Took over an Hour to arrive at the bridge. It was majestic even though the fog had not lifted. Turned back at the halfway point saving the full span for a sunnier day.


In the interior of green California, it is considered rude or worse to ask otherwise pleasant people not to pump out their solvent water on the side of the road.
One can forget that San Francisco is a beach town.

There is much beauty to be seen. Much to be passionate about.


Cardinal rule in California: Be careful in paying for anything with a credit card, because the number is often stolen and sold off.

There is however a divide. Something intentional but not always as evident.


It can be easy  for certain realities to seem distant things from the past that no longer affect you.


I once also thought the proof of American civilization was predicated on three assumptions: One could confidently mail a letter in a federal postal box on the street; one in extremis could find safe, excellent care in an emergency room; and one could visit a local DMV office to easily clear up a state error. None are any longer true.

The Trans America Pyramid, is not quite the pyramid one would expect.


Going to the house where they filmed the only exterior shots used in the of the popular late 80’s to early 90’s sitcom, Full House. The interior was on a stage elsewhere. What you remember is not what it is.


What is seen can be something of a facade to what there is.

We have the costliest entitlements and the most entitled. We have the largest number of billionaires and the largest number of impoverished, both in real numbers and as a percentage of the state population.

Depending on your approach, things can look quite different and be out of your reach.


Still looks good though.


I highly suggest you read this article. The entirety of it is worth your time and it concludes with good visualization of ‘the California pathology.’


This last one was taken on my last day there. I’ll occasionally miss my time there but as I told my friend after reading the article, could not imagine having a family there. Knowing the politics and underlying realities provided a certain sense of something being quite artificial and wrong about it…Unfortunate to see how much that malaise has spread to places one may think would be preferential for families. Well read the the excellent article by Victor Hanson, leave a comment here if you may. Thank you friends for making San Fran possible. Thank you San Fran for making pics possible. Thank you reader.


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