New Video from an Old Rival

If you think you can’t do it you are almost certainly right. Not sure who I am paraphrasing that quote from but I do agree with it.

My present sentiment looking forward to the year 2017 (current year+2) is that presents from past people, things and experiences have blessed me with a bright future. I recently received a notification to join this page that contained a video from Yinka Adeboyeku, a one time competitor that played for a rival high school. Didn’t know each other back then, heard stories that of some rumors conflated the two of us.

Unsurprisingly was able to translate this video into something I could understand. Self awareness in the game of life shows us that we are all potentially teammates and in an almost constant competition with past selves for out future happiness. Give the Video a look.

Created some Memes to be used as inspirations to not procrastinate. Energy to start something may be high and then drop off later. Keep going.




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