Exposed Privates

Get your mind out of the gutter, well at east that  isn’t the right gutter I am discussing here. Well not the only gutter. 2016 in the USA has been quite the year of public reacting to private things or private things taking stage in public locations.


Adam Saleh apparently says his private conversation with his mom in Arabic gets him very publicly thrown off a Delta Airline plane. Some defend him and say this is a public example of peoples privately held racism towards Muslims (Muslim and Islam are not a race but those saying this know this and aren’t talking about Indonesian Muslims) Some then say no matter his publicly known status as a prankster it does not affect what he was possibly doing on that plane.*

Ivanka Trump is verbally accosted on a JetBlue Airnlines plane. A proposed justification being that in supporting her fathers successful bid for the US presidency, she tacitly supports  the misogyny that he privately holds. She is a private citizen but as the daughter of one of the most public figures there is she should be held accountable to the general public’s inquiry.

As we are on the topic, one of the biggest examples of the her father’s misogyny came from the widespread release of a private recording between Billy Bush and Donald Trump.  What he said in private about interaction with certain women’s privates has been used to label him as one that hates and assaults of women. Private behavior as a private citizen trumps his public behavior then and during his run for public office which included a prompt apology after the video was released. There are talks of more private tapes being released that have more supposedly incriminating conversations.


On the side of his competitors there are the various email scandals. Most of the complaints about the material released by Wikileaks from the John Podesta and Democratic National Committee  email hacks are not that they are false but are over their content and way they were obtained. There is an argument as to whether the public needed to know this information. In one of them former candidate Hillary Clinton admits to having a private and public positions. Some praise her for that and say Trump is presidential for not knowing this.

Publicly Private vs Privately Public

Shall wind this up now. What is private, what is public? Many people knowingly put on an act when in public so it is no surprise that they may mistrust those that are genuine, or not be as disgusted by finding out others do the same. knowing someone they hold in esteem that does that may actually make them like the person more as it reinforces their personal choices, ‘see I was right to not be myself, even successful people I look up to do it.’ That isn’t entirely it though. Some that disdain certain people for their privacy will laud others that live for publicity, for example reality television stars.  If there is a way to encourage objectification of women, can one make the argument that The Trump tape was more effective to that end than years of the Kardashian clan post Kim’s sex-tape explosion has been?


Private things can be used to infer public sentiment and public actions can be denied as signs of private values.

The above happenings would not have been made publicly available for our private consumption a few decades ago. The ones between public and private were more defined and the means via technology and otherwise to capture and spread information was nonexistent, in its infancy or reserved to a small number of people that could control its use.




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