Fake News and Hate Crimes

Someone was kidnapped and tortured in Chicago. Some parts of Chicago are horrible violent, comprabe to warzones. So you may not be that surprised to hear. You may think this will just be another crime that goes by unsolved as one of the hundreds that occur weekly(54 already by january 4th). Well not quite, it was live streamed by the four perpetrators. They 4 has been restrained and the victim is being cared for.

I did a search for news of “chicago kidnapping.” Here are some headlines in the order I found them.

chicago kidnapping hate crime.rantatonne6.png

chicago kidnapping hate crime.rantatonne5.png

chicago kidnapping hate crime.rantatonne4.png

chicago kidnapping hate crime.rantatonne3.png

chicago kidnapping hate crime.rantatonne2.png

chicago kidnapping hate crime.rantatonne1.png

chicago kidnapping hate crime.rantatonne0.png

Wait what was that back there?

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 03.30.42.png

Is this article from Electronic Urban Report Web an example of the evil Fake News! I mean it took the 17th story to mention race. This is race baiting right? It could be a hoax! It doesn’t matter that they were black and he white. #THISISNOTWHATAHATECRIMELOOKSLIKE

EURWEB.HATE crime chicago.rantatonne.png

But you see, about what they said…during the video they live streamed. They, you know. Racism is power plus privilege. See blacks can’t. Okay enough of that I’m trying to wait out on this story but have a smoldering anger.

Excuse the following expletives.

Fuck these fucks. Is something going to come out about how this was staged? This isn’t even animal behavior. Animals do not torture. This is human. This is evil. Evil exists. Don’t even need to focus on racism here. This is outright evil. Racism is just a brand, or flavor of evil. Defend this to me. Really feel free to come give your apologetics to how words said by Donald Trump encouraged these evil, idiotic hate crime committing, terrorists caused this. The rhetoric that he has brought and empowered  but nothing of and done by Hillary Clinton support of, President Barack Obamas inviting to the white house, Bernie Sanders surrender to racially charged groups and issues did not only do this but proudly live stream it. Just because these people encouraged and empowered you to live out your biases and isms does not mean Trump has to others!

I’m sure all those #BLACKLIVESMATTER people  will be in the streets protesting and stopping traffic, demanding this be accurately labeled a hate crime, on behalf of their white allies. this is since they’ve told us how #ALLLIVESMATTER doesn’t need to be said because we already know they matter.



May update on this list or just include more in a later post.


5 responses to “Fake News and Hate Crimes

    • Thanks for reading . Partially hope it is a joke. This would be good to be a hoax. Otherwise as it seems quite real then it’s indicative of how dire the times are. Which is good in its own way as people need to face facts and act.


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