Grammar Nazi in Chief : Ann Belivable?!

What does 14 mean to you?

Someone that I’ve regularly talked to for over a decade says I take things to literally.

Literally WTF!


merch coming soon (#cyplus2 promise)

Ann Coulter’s tweet was the basis of a Huffington Post article titled “Ann Coulter Clarifies ‘14!’ Tweet Was Reference To Obama’s Presidency Ending “ sub heading “Some white supremacists initially thought she was referring to one of their slogans.” Search out the article if you want. Shan’t link it here.

Having not always admired her I can relate to the odd urge to criticize her but she’d been posting an ongoing countdown of days left to Donald J Trumps inauguration, and yeah… these tweets.

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 21.59.40.png

These may both be cheap insults that my Grammar Nazi in chief self is over-analyzing. First tweet could not literally mean the first 3*, so were they setting up the last one as also wrong, or they going for multiple choice, with White Nationalist being the clear answer.

As for the second tweet does he mean he guesses an admission is good, or that that 14 being considered an admission in and of itself is a guess?

Assuming all people commenting on this require actual proof for what they believe anything may be where I am going wrong. I saw the following when I finally finished the article.

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 22.07.17.png

Ah SPLC, you had me at Hitler.

Ignoring the Pepe profile pic and name that signal a troll account, 88 made me think of the number 8 and it’s significance in Chinese culture. Although, Trump is always on about knowing and loving China.** Wonder if this would be double good for them. Hmm maybe it wasn’t the Russians that hacked the servers to to alter the election, but the Chinese using the Russians as a smokescreen!!!

Ending now. If we say white is a thing that can have a nation. Why is that bad? Asia is very intentionally Asian. Is that bad?

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 22.17.04.png

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