Got News about Florida Shooting

Yesterday when asked for a simple answer yes or no answer on whether the Florida Airport Shooter should have been allowed to own a gun knowing he had received psychological help I answered yes.

I didn’t know what kind of psychological issues he had. If there were issues was the help successful? I’d say they may have address previous ones but since I knew he allegedly had an argument then got the gun he legally had, loaded it and proceeded to shoot people seemingly at random, some other issues were undressed. So much important information I had no access to.

As for ‘allowed’ who would the same people responsible for finding him fit to train to kill and deploy to do that be in charge of this permission? Same people that offered the psychological help and said he was okay? The  could be the same that trained him to overcome our innate version to killing even when under direct physical threat.* Same that already have laws that prevented others having their guns in that area soon to become a killing field, be it through the process of obtaining it or false sense of safety provided by their assurances that it was safe to not be armed in that place.

This isn’t a simple situation, but with the wording of the question and the information I had at the time I said yes. Today I watched the following video containing more information.

Is my answer still yes?


Here is my answer as simply as I can put it.

Less people should have been prevented from protecting themselves. This man was trained, armed and instructed to legally kill by the same system that granted him his legally obtained firearm to illegally shoot and kill people. People whom the very same system claimed it could sufficiently protect. Criminals by definition break laws. They care little about what you or they are allowed to do.


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