Flipping Out over Turned Tables

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I the year 2008

The incoming Obama administration has notified all politically-appointed ambassadors that they must vacate their posts as of Jan. 20, the day President-elect Barack Obama takes the oath of office, a State Department official said.

The clean slate will open up prime opportunities for the president-elect to reward political supporters with posts in London, Paris, Tokyo and the like. The notice to diplomatic posts was issued this week.

via 44 – Obama Gives Political Ambassadors Their Pink Slips


Mr. Trump, by contrast, has taken a hard line against leaving any of President Obama’s political appointees in place as he prepares to take office on Jan. 20 with a mission of dismantling many of his predecessor’s signature foreign and domestic policy achievements. “Political” ambassadors, many of them major donors who are nominated by virtue of close ties with the president, almost always leave at the end of his term; ambassadors who are career diplomats often remain in their posts.

A senior Trump transition official said there was no ill will in the move, describing it as a simple matter of ensuring that Mr. Obama’s overseas appointees leave the government on schedule, just as thousands of political aides at the White House and in federal agencies must do.

via New York Times – In Break With Precedent, Obama Envoys Are Denied Extensions Past Inauguration Day

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Found the above two spinets from links in No, Trump’s Dismissal of Obama’s Ambassadors Is Not an Unprecedented Crisis. Another thing that has precedence is it being a good bet that will flip out when the table is turned against them.

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This is not just the articles but evident in comment sections. I’ll present more belieunbelievable comments made in stories about post election Ambassadorial call backs. Fill in the blanks with Bush, Obama or Trump.

A loud emotional HURRAY!

On more thoughtful reflection, it is the most logical political and philosophical stand to take regarding ______ legacy ambassadorial appointments:
They were for the most part venal, self-serving, ill qualified, corrupt, incompetent bumbling administration in living memory.

This not only applies to ambassadors. They include judicial appointments and other civil service appointments in Dept of Interior, EPA, etc.

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Thank You Mr.___________. Replacement and movement of our ambassador’s and staff is very important.Very few US citizens realize the power that the people in our embassies have and the abuse that some of these people dole out I have witnessed the group of people representing the US.

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I think tht ppl getting all worked up over nothing have not accepted NO DRAMA PREZ. ___________, and because tht is so, these ppl who thrive on conflict will discuss anything and try to blow it up to SOMETHING…..IT WILL NOT WRK THIS TIME….WE HAVE A SMART, THOUGHTFUL, SKILLED, PRESIDENT AND ALL OF THOSE WHO HAVE ALLOWED THEMSELVES TO BE “DUMBED DOWN” RE: ___________……I just have one thing to say…..Sooner or later you will have to wake up….you can only bullsh*t your self for so long…..and if tht is the case….ENJOY BEING IN THE MINORITY!!

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Oh.. This is great also…

I have waited 8 years for this kind of purge. In the days when I thought it would never end and that I could not get through one more year of ___________ Incompetence, I tried to distract myself. It was like marking time. Although I had vague feelings that the economy was fragile, I had no idea the extent to which it had been allowed to falter. We should never hear from any of these people again!

I felt very much the same.

Answers at the bottom of the post






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