Believably Unbelievable : Obama is Scandal-ess

Here are two headlines

Obama: ‘We Have Not Had a Major Scandal’ in My Administration


Obama’s closest adviser says president has been scandal-free

Some, like you may, found this to be a scandalous claim and the expected insults, listing of scandals*, questions directed to the departing president were expressed in the comments section. The general sentiment expressed was an incredulous “I can’t believe he said that!”

Couldn’t you?

Unsurprising at the comments it came to me that I also believed the president, had, could and would say that. Realizing that I did not believe the content of what they or he said, I left a comment expressing how you can believe someone said somehting but not believe a thing they said. Believe it, not in it.

Is it if it Isn’t?

Now as for the reasons why Obama or any of his staff and supporters would say there have been no scandals is up for debate. What we can agree on is that they would say it, may think it but that does not prove it is true. Whether people point to or ignore what objectively happened is not a matter of opinion. However it being a scandal is subjectively so.

As touched upon in a post about reactions to a kidnapping in the presidents home city of Chicago, reality is independent from how we perceive it.

If you do not disagree with this, then as little to no personal consequences seem to have been met by the President then why be surprised that he would say that. Well no consequences besides a tainted legacy, failed policies, slow economy, divided citizenry, massive losses throughout his political party, preceding one of the largest change election victories in the countries History… well if he could see, admit or express any of these to be failures, he would not have been able to say what he did, let alone do whatever he did to take part in the scandals

His history defines his actions. Subjective views can be understood by objective evidence.

Grammar Nazi

What does the 14 mean to you?

There are manners of speaking that are commonly used. Phrases such as ‘I can’t wait’ being said when that’s one of the main things you can do at the time is wait. This could be a process of multiple or situational changes of meaning, such as using bad or wicked to mean something good. It could be due to contractions and erosion of grammar from what not long ago was** ‘I can hardly wait.’ I do not know.

So that being said I may be somewhat of a grammar Nazi in trying to parse out exactly what people are saying, and will try and let it go on smaller issues. Pretending for example that it isn’t worth being specific in how spanking a child is not abusive, which crimes that target people are hate crimes, what is or is not terrorism will continue to harm us all.

We can learn from the mistakes that led to the Nazis as much as we can the evil they spoke of and acted upon.

In that very same way we should learn from mistakes on grammar and be particular in what we say and the actions they refer to, encourage and lead to.


  • Kids get what I mean about what is said.


Recalling this trailer make you feel old? Good, because you are old.

Are you though?




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