Maybe Malekup

A few days ago I was at a local bar and watching the post game analysis of the New York Giants loss to the Green Bay Packers. As any cis-gendered, privileged, male, scum bucket would, I remarked if it was sexist to find female sports casters less credible, especially when covering primarily male sports like American Football*. Not saying they should get back into the kitchen chained to a stove but to recall when I first took direct note of this, It was a panel of 3 male former players males in dark or grey colored sports coats and ties accompanied by a quite attractive, female in a form fitting arm baring, red lace outfit. What was the purpose of that choice in outfit?** 

I jokingly remarked that one wouldn’t watch makeup tutorial videos on channels ran by men. We laughed in agreement and a friend added yeah that be Malekup, I thought ooh that would be nice for a blog post as I remembered recently seeing this then I remembered this seeing something about this guy… Maybe HE’s born with it? Maybelline welcomes first male makeup star

I took out my handy pocket supercomputer  to find an example to show them, and what do you know…


In hindsight it was not surprising as you’d expect there to be a market that would prompt Maybeline to hire a male spokesperson.

If You Film It They May Watch It

Just because you have no interest in X doesn’t mean others don’t neither does interest in  X say anything about it’s substantive value.

Sure playing the sport is not a prerequisite to being knowledgeable of it, there are females interested in sports that may find someone of their gender more relocatable, female voices are better received in general and many of these people read off of scripts to they or others wrote before hand. Then the material itself, it’s not usually advanced trade-craft rather but instead soundbites, and repeating things you know expect or just saw.  Howard Cosell one of the most famous sportscasters popularly used the term “jockocracy” referring to of athletes receiving sports casting positions due to having played over casting abilities.

People may watch just because they want to see what so and so had to say. He was so good at catching balls he must be good at talking about them. They are being sold on their name and visual recognition. I suspect this is similar for some female hires. Television is a visual medium and producers would prefer the prefer to be as attractive as possible people and practically everyone whose job having a camera and lights pointed at their face has some makeup applied to that face.

The brutality high definition television takes to some cares little for amount of makeup or gender. I have been familiar with there being famous male Makeup artists, though these men have risen to the top of the field I do not expect gender parity in representation and subsequently remuneration to exist in the close to 650k+ jobs in the field of cosmetology and haircare. ($23,710 median salary? Damn you wage-gap!)

Tying Up Loose Ends

Get it? because I was talking about haircare… 

As a female would you prefer a female cosmetician or hairdresser? Would a Male prefer a Male Barber (is a female called a barberess and whats the relation of the word to barbarian)? There are likely studies, and I shall ask a few friends and see what they say. Ask some of yours of answer in the comment section.

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 17.53.11.png

How I imagine all Salons are, but opposite genders…and less hookup app

Is there a double standard about reporters in locker rooms of their opposite gender? Should the sexuality of the reporter matter since we are not automatically attracted to let alone likely to act on it to every single member or the gender we are attracted to? Despite the assumption that reporters would find the pastime something admirable and appreciate that athletes have risen to the top of the field, and they tend to be physical specimens that are in general aesthetically attractive

possibly with exposed rear ends..

Okay, Enough of that. The end.



6 responses to “Maybe Malekup

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. Are you proposing there are more females watching a show analyzing the game? Not doubting they could be as possibly others that know more about the game (likely males) may not be as interested in play by plays of things they know.


      • from a cursory search, female fans are a growing demographic, but none show that they are the majority. I imagine they have capped out in traditional fan bases and are engaging in outreach to others, without loosing the established base. Would you say that a woman dressed in a lacey outfit would appeal more to women, than if she was in a sports coat? I admit that for average females the men in a sports coat may elicit equivalent levels of attraction.


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