Man Going My Own Way : Defining MGTOW

Men Going Their Own Way.

What does it mean to be a MGTOW and who can’t be one? By them going their own way it may mean different things to each person, and this lack of a description has been an ongoing thing about MGTOW. If something can’t be described is it really a thing? Or am I just following the human urge to identify, define and/or label things?

From a video

“Men shouldn’t derive their self worth from how much pussy they can get, how much female validation they can get. They should live life exclusively for themselves or at the very least they should get some sort of net benefit so if women and society want MGTOW to come and give them something they need to offer something of equal worth that man or to MGTOW.”

Several contentions with this description :

If a man considers a female dedicating her life to birthing and parenting his offspring to be something of immense worth, that he would be willing to dedicate his life to, he would still not be considered MGTOW by most and I assume you would likely define as a traditionalist decision… Unless this is just a question of untrustworthiness in the female.

As for saying it isn’t exclusively for himself due to the exterior demands, presence of a partner and dependent(s) or that the state and other bodies now exercise some varying levels of influence on his life would that not apply to business ventures as well? There are legal and external ramifications and other considerations to partners, clients and customers.

Monogamy also reduces the how much pussy or validation seeking from Pick-Up Artists (PUA) and other circles as its usually one person (though technically can be frequency) and it may not be exactly validation but support one if gaining. I bounce ideas off of friends that can reassure and validate them to an extent, but it comes down to my decision and confidence. Some things I could do without them, some much easier with them and through them things I wouldn’t even have thought of doing could be done only with them.

I have never been able to comfortably call myself a MGTOW,  but have learned immensely from many that go by the mantle which was a part of what helped bring me to a place of understanding out of some dark times. Tried Man Going My Own Way but that didn’t sit right. May work for a title of a blog series though… img_6391Man Defining My Own Way.


5 responses to “Man Going My Own Way : Defining MGTOW

    • I’m not a big fan of RBK but have been listening to a few of those others for quite some years. Even got to be interviewed by Stardusk on one of the perspectives. There still is good information out there, and I have learned a lot from it.TFM, Metaphysics for the groundworks, John the other, (spetz n coltainne when they make vids)

      A good analogy of going into the arena of relationships, would be that MGTOW material is a shield that I hold with other weapons, versus a two handed broad sword


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