Made Up Lies about Make Up

Is putting on makeup dishonest? It’s in the name after all. If you make up a story it isn’t real so is that similar to a face? Well if you admit it is made up then you are not being dishonest.

It could be considered false advertising of their sexual matketplace value which is the likely intent of most cosmetic makeup, to appeal to a target audience. You may disagree but I’ll get back to it in the final paragraph.

Makeup can be considered a temporary mask that most can tell you have on regardless of if they find it pleasant. How about the question of more permanent augmentations or alterations?

Dyeing ones hair, getting extensions or cosmetic surgeries to procedures such as braces that could correct the way ones teeth genetically appear. Do these fall into immoral or negatively manipulative territory?

Tough question. I may think I’d look better with extended canines but that isn’t the same as braces. It may even benefit my health by improing my ease of eating certain foods. If possible to objectively separate correcting to a ‘basic’ appearance, such as braces, cleft palette surgery, setting bones and other injuries vs enhancing oneself such as hair dye or extensions, implants, tattooed eyebrows (yeah this is a thing smh); would such a delineation need to be made at the level of ones genetic code? Take for example a breast reduction, since a size B was your code on the way to a DD and could likely be achieved through means such as different diet and/or exercise.


Freckles are fantastic

As for applying makeup and cosmetics that is clearly altering your current appearance. Similar to clothing but has possibility for dishonesty, the maybe it’s Maybeline tag line is not baseless. No one thinks you were born with the attractive skirt you may have on but you can say you are wearing no makeup if asked. In addition there is the recent trend of no-makeup makeup. As for what is enough to too much makeup is subjective, but just like clothing choices from afformentioned skirt to full covering like a niqab, what is put on will communicate something about the person under it.

Majority of women in the world do not wear any and those that do not spend most of their liveso behind it. If you find someone more attractive when she has dyed her hair red, they would be even more attractive if that was their natural hair color, but would appreciate the dye. If you have a strong preference for smooth skin, you’d prefer if it was achieved naturally and not by daily shaving, but would take the daily shaving. If you find a full head of hair attractive, you’d prefer long Trudeuian locks but likely take a quality toupe or skilled transplants.

A good question to ask in establishing ones intent is would the person be doing x thing if noone else in the world would see it. I imagine braces most people would still get them but applying foundation, eye-shadow, false-lashes, getting your hair done, just to sit at home by yourself? I doubt it. Some may but yeah…


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