Large Minority of Massive Cities

One of the ways I describe New York to people is to say it is more. If you find, want, need, dislike, detest, avoid something or anything, there is more of it here.


Imagine and average city has 250,000 people compared to a large one with 2.5 million. In the average cities 60% of the population is a fan of a sport you like. That is 150000 people per average city. In the large city 20% of the people are fans. That is 500,000 people. Lower percent of fans but in number twice the total population of a normal city.


I thought about this when discussing the political leanings of the populace in a New York City. You see this effect where people did not know anyone that was voting against their preferred candidate so were terribly shocked at their loss and others that did not know anyone else voting for who they supported and were gladly surprised with their success.

So the greater NYC are is over 8 million people. Even if it is only 10% conservative, individualist, regressive post-modern collectivists then you are still looking at 100s of thousands of potential matches.

Get out there and find what you are looking for.



2 responses to “Large Minority of Massive Cities

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