Not the Jews You Were Looking At

Is it possible that any given group of people you may think of, are actually falsely associated with a minority of authoritarian minded, need to have a finger in every pie, meddling minority within that given group? When something is negative or detrimental it rightfully attracts more attention than the normal things so this disproportional attention is logical even if the subsequent painting with broad strokes is unwarranted.

I put forward this proposition after a friend shared this article to a group chat – Trump’s Jews and Obama’s Jews : The Left is losing the culture war within the Jewish community. He was relieved that this concise and article could help people to understand what he knew, and has been trying to explain to people. After my proposition he provided me wiht a very good analogy to describe the phenomena I was discussing.

“The Bad kid in class is always the most known to everyone.”

Great article from Front Page Mag, give it a read. I have the best friends 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 22.32.43.png


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