Social Justice Warring is Female Gaming

Remember how Social Justice Warrior techniques clashes with Gaming culture?

In life of many reading this live is an exception to our evolutionary environment. Physical violence, confrontation and challenges have been reduced by civilizations onward progress to provide justice for as many people possible. The traditional challenges that shaped our ancestors have been reduced and specialized. Though our instincts that were selected for throughout the life of our species are catching up to this new reality, some of our baser urges still need outlets.

Males combative instincts have been redirected to the workplace, sporting activities and other ‘IRL’ competitive pursuits  in which risk and gains can be had. A select group and stereo-typically less inclined towards in person interactions have found the an outlet or home in the sphere of interactive gaming. Here they engage in battle, set goals, achieve results, create alliances, forge friendships, vanquish foes and more. It has it’s requirements, adherents, language, history, lore, legends, values, fans, detractors and any other element you would expect from the veritable culture that it is.

Much the same can be said for Social Justice Warrior culture.

Call it Cultural Marxism, Post Modernism, 3rd wave feminism or other isms the demographics of those participating are similar to that of gaming culture but with genders flipped. It speaks to the very positive and natural female drive to determine and maintain social order. Participants mostly do so privately and remotely via usage of recent advancements in using technology. There are similar levels dedication to the practice in that a minuscule number make it their life’s goal while a few specifically make time that comprise the ‘hardcore’ and visual vanguard or stereotypes. The majority will give tacit support for it, engage with others that share their views and occasionally signal to outsiders that they are of the culture. The largest number are just casual fans and supporters, that know little to nothing about its beginnings or possible intentions.

The key thing that connected this realization for me was hearing about Pussyhat Project intended for the upcoming Women’s March on DC. Apparently to protest Donald J Trumps inauguration as the USA president, some shall be wearing pink hats styled to have ears because… they are taking pussy back from being derogatory and making it a term of empowerment?? thought the term was slang and coarse but similar in usage to dick and a lesser extent cock…The hats gave off an aspect of cos-playing, or fandom, a bit different that the stereotypical died hair, and horn rimmed glasses appearances some may sport in their day to day lives.



It is a movement that can and is monetized. Is likely the only industry more financially lucrative than the gaming one, even combining comics and related ‘geek/nerd’ pursuits. It is able to infiltrate other industries but unlike how other industries can use the mediums of interactive and static entertainment in gaming to their benefit, SJW culture is more of a parasite. It lacks the rules of other clubs, and thus I also find it lacks much of the honor.

Dedication to both gaming or SJW culture can give one something of a false sense of pleasure and accomplishment and keep them out of pursuing more commonplace personal achievement. Think about the people you see discussing these upcoming projects, marches, protests and the like**. They are quite pleased with themselves and often appear in joyous, selfie-taking, self-aggrandizing moods  before , during and after activities. This is in stark contrast to the somber, pensive mood that belies the weighty nature of those participating in actual civil rights issues of past and present. Smiles were few and far in between during the Arab Spring. This is similar to how a gamer going to a compete or participate in a convention would not have a similar mindset to that of a soldier being deployed to the battlefield.

The strong push-back to SJW culture during the Gamergate Controversy was partially due the familiar nature of the two communities. Gamers have been very used to spending hours days or months grinding to achieve a task that the general public may find pointless. SJW’s are many things including persistent in their ways. Shall touch on this more later as there are likely many more correlations, can you think of any?


If the first one was offensive, is this one racist?

I imagine some imagine it’s in the same vein as this.

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