Perfect Mascot for Feminism

I have the best friends, believe me. It’s good to share tidbits of trivia and be surprised about what others do not know. During a meeting with 2 friends (S and D), the subject of the reproductive drive  of living creatures came up. We were discussing how life sill risk death in order to reproduce, in some cases it is actually a part of the mating process.

We were discussing how human females take more physical risks during mating and gestation and the male has higher legal and financial considerations, yet mating continues. These different risks are a common trait in sexually dimorphic species. The example of Praying Mantis females killing the male post mating being one that sticks out. D said they had not heard of this. Me an S began to tell them about it and looked up pictures of the insect. D then added while laughing that the Praying Mantis should be the mascot for Feminism.

That turned into this; I give you the Preying Femantists.


The best friends.

Share your ideas, feel free to occasionally repeat things, it may be the first time others hear it and that could give you a brand new way of appreciating something that was old news.

Shirts coming soon.

Some color variants of the

Because the religion of Feminism, as S pointed out, is a child of Cultural Marxism.

feminism cultural marxism preying femantists.rantatonne.png

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