Talib Kweli : Truly Shameful

The Kweli part of the name likely stems form ‘Ukweli,’ a Swahili term for truth. In truth he is so misguided on this topic. I had landed on some similar observations but as I said about celebrities, they have a much more public stage to display both their success and failures, and wow is this one of the later.

In this video, Louis Le Vau takes Talib Kweli to task over topics he discusses in an interview. TheseĀ  the assertion that Japanese white washes their characters due to westernized features such as large eyes skin color and the like.

No. large eyes are also simply an aesthetic choice for animation and print media. Makes it easier to emote the characters and there is the desirable aspect of neoteny that is not racial or cultural, let alone limited to the human ape. As for his focus on Japan, take a look at Disney characters. The 4 fingered and gloved hands was a choice made for in large due to expediency. reduce the diversity of hand types by covering them in gloves and still achieve the expressiveness of a 5 fingered hand.

Kweli mentions that people alter their hair and bleach skin to reach westernized norms and conveniently does not mention tanning or accusations of cultural appropriation are made when ‘whites’ do things that are not ‘theirs.’ As we are on hair, he also ignores the myriad of hair-colors and styles displayed in anime and manga.

watch the video, if you haev not. Louis Le Vau is quite funny in his incredulity and Kweli quite baffling in his false sense of credibility. Don’t be like Talib.


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