4 Years of Flame Wars

Was out on the Washington DC Mall for the beginning of the 2017 US presidential Inauguration. Drew this as I waited and worked on the Trumptrain to MAGAland project.

#sketch #art #drawing #trump #usa #america #murica #pencil

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As you can see, no real political message to it but someone suggested I light it on fire as a representation of the next 4 years. It could have been a joke but it made me think of the coming Flame War.

I imagine it will continue flare up for a while, and possibly last the entire 4 years and into a second term. If they were serious this is likely not what they were getting at. I told them that instead of just throwing fuel onto the fire I’m going to do a few things to help myself and others including the aforementioned project @trumptraintomagaland

I shall be launching it tomorrow and will occasionally re-post material on this blog. I intend the site to be a location where people can ask questions of others, provide constructive criticism, suggest viable options, share experiences, meet others and more.

As for the flame war, this was posted by someone who weeks ago had told me they’d attend the Planned Parenthood Women’s March protest. I asked her why she wanted to and she expressed a few things amongst them abortion. It is an important subject I do not mind debating and/or discussing and did as much. It ended with an admission on her part that no matter the situation it should always be the woman’s choice. Yes, the woman has a choice. Just as I have a choice to punch myself in the face. Doesn’t mean it is advisable even if it was not outright harmful.

Let alone punching someone else.

To death.

Anyway in some cases like these, I shall counter the flame war with trollery and experience gained in the Memewars.


There will be a humor section on the Trumptrain to MAGAland site where some of the lighter fair such as this is included. Both in support or against the Trump administration. Since they are both females they may think it’s like blacks saying nigga, they can’t really insult each other…

Oh and apparently billionaires can become such without knowing anything. Who knew?

H-Peezy got kinda dark at times


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    Here is a post form a year ago. The Trumptrain to MAGA land is well on its way and shall be doing more with the project in the upcoming weeks. Will admit some disillusionment after witnessing some of the somewhat incomprehensible mess at many protests. Shall try and find out why I am on the train at all let what i hope the destination will be.


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