Responsibility & Pressure

These two things often go hand in hand and are definitive aspects of adulthood.

Responsibility is almost always a positive. Pressure is mostly an arbitrary force.

Responsibility provides you a destination, direction and the motivation to effect your journey. Pressure is a fuel without which you are as likely to be inert as to go with the flow.

Responsibility provides one with a purpose to exercise their agency. The fuel from pressure can provide limitless energy and ingenuity in doing so.

If you have little or no responsibility and a lot of pressure you can easily find yourself  hurtling straight into certain destruction.

:::From a conversation Jan 16th 2017 with Lunut 🙂 :::

went to the Women’s March on Washington DC today. Shall post possible reasons for marching soon

the sky is limitless


Air and Space Museum


2 responses to “Responsibility & Pressure

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  2. Reblogged this on Rant A. Tonne and commented:

    I have been discussing things for a year now, some of the topics are considered to be dicey. I have seen people loose their jobs for discussing some things I have. Now I think of the responsibility that some are now being held to for their actions, I think of how some are abdicating the ability to be responsible. It is a sad state of affairs but I still ask those involved in many recent political and social issues, where does your responsibility for what is happening end?


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