Anecdotally Caused Corellation

A new study shows the college-graduate inhabitants of New York’s elite zip-codes are the most socially isolated Americans in the United States, and have the least familiarity with how ordinary Americans live.

via Study: New York Has Most Socially Isolated Districts in United States – Breitbart

In “Lost Alien in Need of Translation” I mentioned having great conversation and how we use studies and what we consider facts to establish and support certain ideas.Well… mostly.

They are not always valid. Anecdotal evidence can selectively enforce certain biases we have. I fall prey to this myself and often lean on facts to break em out of them. However the studies themselves are carried out and reported on by humans that have their own biases.

Anyway just a short post reminding you to check what you think about against what other thought about and consider what they may have been thinking about.


not only is it from things we hear, but living in a place like ‘no place like New York’ can really make you have little in common with people form any other place.


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