Normalizing Abuse Normalizes Abuse

The importance of peaceful parenting in the fostering of critical thinking is well evidenced in how the ‘I was abused but I turned out okay’ argument and is reflected in the ‘I am taxed but society is better for it.’ If people want these positive things that taxation supposedly provides they’d pay for them on their own. I suspect many that claim a positive view of taxation have a general mistrust in the altruism of people and societies that encouraged, took part in or allowed them to grow up with adverse childhoods.

People must be good, and they allowed me to endure the abuse I did as a child, so now as adults this relatively benign and hardly forceful redistribution of wealth is also good. It isn’t an abuse of power, just like it wasn’t when I was a child, it’s only normal.

Besides, I’m doing great anyway. We all are right?


Pay them, but it is extortion.


“Ugolino and His Sons” by Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux


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