Protesting Planned Parenthood Protest

I participated in an unplanned protest of a planned protest by participating in the Planned Parenthood Women’s March on Washington D.C. with somewhat planned signs. There will be a series of posts, video and material from the Inaugural weekend as part of the Trumptrain to MAGAland Project.

Not sure how best to approach this project… I’ve been following he campaign in numerous posts over the last 2 years. As expressed in Not Another Brick in the Wall,the dismantling of the establishments control of narratives and information is foundational to my support Donald J Trumps now successful presidential bid. Recently in Reasons to Attend the Women’s March, I expressed my inability to find sensible reasons for why one would protest it before 24 hours had passed. thanks if you’ve read those, thanks if you do now, if neither thanks anyway as we all decide on what we’d rather do with our time, like march. 72 hours have passed since the end of the protests and I am still at a loss.


I am open to being proven wrong

How important are definitions to people, for example how do you define ‘friend’? There were many stories of friendships being destroyed by Trumps campaign. I call male-bovine-feces on that. Not only do I have stories of friendships I made in large part due to the campaign, if you were surprised to the point of falling out, you likely were not friends to begin with. A friendship would lead to discussions and strengthening of bonds.

Robert Silas Amunga Nyikuli

That’s my name.

I was born in Paris, France to Kenyan Parents. At 5 Moved back to Kenya the country of which I am a citizen. From 10-11 spent 13 years in the USA. 3 years after that were in Italy, then 2-3 in Kenya and for the last 2 have been between there and the USA


*found myself recording the entire speech, technology is breathgiving.

I am not an American citizen. Some that protested Trump, know me as Rob Nyikuli, met me decades ago have recently been surprised to find out I am not American. Some that I recently met that do support Trump, that know me as Silas Amunga, have wished I was and urged me to become one as soon as possible. Not sure what to make of that but interesting which leaning can readily imagine you being from somewhere you do not try to or ostensibly want to live in.


This picture will have an entire post dedicated to it

I cannot confirm or deny that people have feelings of fear or joy about Trump’s administration. I can take people at their word but their actions do not always match their claims. For example, if a child comes to you convinced there is a monster under their bed,  the honest lived experience of their fear does not make the monster exist, any more than a joy that Trump will smite some imagined foe, or hope he will bestow some unearned glory or fears that he’d unleash some horrific grope-fest.

Subjective Feeling vs Objective Fact

The information was worth knowing so I asked someone and got clarification  of old material and personal confusion. If a friend is worth having, get to know them. If a cause is worth supporting, provide the proof to yourself and others to gain more support. This is in the is a foundation of the Trumptrain to MAGAland Project. Ask each other questions and try to get to know more about the world, societies and cultures we all live and die on, in and by.

Thank you for reading. Shall update the series and links here as it goes on.

Trumptrain to MAGAland

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Meme strip I made explaining where I stand socio-politically.


  • Very funny clip from an excellent movie but not what Anarchy looks like 🙂
  • *CNN Giga Pixel of the Inauguration of Donald j Trump. Can you find yourself?

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