No Lady is Nasty

But some women can be.

A Lady by definition can not be nasty. Despite her claims, Ashley Judd is not a ‘Nasty Lady.’ She is however female, and says some truly nasty things.

Odd how she pauses at ‘white privilege.’ A white person, chosen by dozens of whites to speak to thousands of whites with likely millions more watching. Nope you are not at all privileged at all. No matter what, Protest Patriarchy! Oppressed minority due to vagina.

Hear what she says about the usage of girls for sex symbols. Oh no, surely her industry is above this. Whats that about Miley Cyrus doing what?* Lies, fake news and alternative facts. Ms Judd participates in the most demur of industries.

Pussy Power

Surely these Pussyhat Project folk were on point with what they were doing.** Social Justice Warring is female gaming, they know their weaponry and made it clear they were reclaiming the word. I recalled this on the subway to Washington D.C. wondering what to expect at the march. Had seen some hats the day before as they came into town. A few in attendance at the actual Inauguration. One in particular was escorted out as she yelled out protestations. It was not their day.

On the train, their day had begun. Looking at a woman that looked to in her mid 60’s talking to some other people…Well despite what some say sexual things are not always on males minds. Ignore that many contest connecting females with pink, the choice of Pussyhats combined with signs pointing it out, and their actions of acknowledging power of their genitalia by showing up to the march.  They were calling attention to their sexuality. It was a reduction of sorts of a person to be identified by genitalia.

I thought this was inappropriate in general. I have some designs I am wary of selling on t-shirts as they may evoke imagery in children or others would rather not think of, but here they were. Evoking.

Look with the adults, sure it’s their choice. Minds work on cues and it’s not like they invaded my mind to make me think things but I was suddenly disgusted by the next realization. They put children in this same situation. Parents and entire families were joyously parading around the sexualization of children.

Hmm, ohh. Okay. I see how Madonna can be invited to speak at an event like this even after the BJ for votes comment.



Protest Patriarchy…

Thanks for reading. this goes deeper into other things. Click this link to follow the rest of this Protesting Planned Parenthood Protest series.



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