If I was a citizen of the United States of America Donald J Trump would literally be #NOTMYPRESIDENT. He is however the commander in chief and head executive of the governing body of the State. It is telling that people had a sense of ownership of presidents. It indicated they expect some pandering.

You know who else things the president is yours? Terrorists. That’s why they hold you responsible for their actions and attack  because you have less security. Tooling around with my-pres this or not-my-pres that. Grow up!

The Blackwash


“You didn’t build that”-President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama recently ended his 2 terms. In 2008 I wondered why people did not embrace his multiracial background. Some of the same folk on about a nation of immigrants were all to pleased to latch on to the ‘black’ president narrative. Why didn’t they run with the actual story of an immigrant coming in and having races melt in a pot and create this wünder-kid that spent formative years in an Asian country that is also one of the most populous Muslim countries.

Cause you know, diversity is a strength right? It could have shown diversity beyond this ‘if at all black it’s all black nonsense.’ Immigration, Asians, Islam, Africans, single mothers That was before i understood tribalism. You see this in Kenya with the major tribes vying for power, and regions essentially voting on tribal lines. It’s when I still bought the narrative of white superiority. When I didn’t quite get how someone could be raised by a white woman and her white family and still be black. Kind of made me feel that no matter my own background or lived experience I could never be of culture.

What I didn’t know then is that a lie by any other name is still a lie.

I Thought This was America

This not my president chant exposes that people were not against money or special interests groups having control of politicians, they just wanted to be those ones in control.

What if the government reduced it’s involvement and let you the people make more decisions over your own lives? What if laws and regulations were reduced and you got to work and keep more of what you earn? What if slavery was actually not a thing you demand?

What if this is America?




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