Demos of Demonstrators

The following is an excerpt from a story highlighting African Americans leaving before the inauguration of Donald J Trump.

With Johnson’s dreams of working in another Clinton White House now off the table, the 32-year-old figures: “What better time than now? I have no kids, no major responsibilities… Have passport, will go.”

I did attend the Planned Parenthood Women’s March on Washington and made several observations before, during and since then. As a continued attempt to make sense out of it, I was discussing  D.C. with someone that attended and asked what they had on their sign. They answered :

Back side had the Eleanor Roosevelt quote “Women are like teabags. You don’t know how strong they ate until you put them in hot water” and the front side was the Laurel Thatcher Ulrich quote “Well behaved women seldom make history” and I wore my “I aim to misbehave” firefly t-shirt.

I asked about the quotes but initially thought it was Margret Thatcher and thought it was odd she’d pick someone who I would presume would not support the march. I reread it and apologized for my mistake. In a rush to score points I did not take time to comprehend what was seen.

I asked if she’d noted a lack of visual diversity, which is something many participating in the march claim to support. One elderly woman during the march told us she was disappointed with the low representation of transsexuals and adding, as she pointed at her black companion added, ‘women like her.’ One would rightfully expect the majority of attendants at to be of European ‘white’ ethnicity as it is a predominantly white country. Offered that one would expect the same representative demographics in… and could not think of a non white country that had a protest. So I searched

26 pictures of Women’s Marches around the world that make it look like every human on earth took to the streets

Read that title and look at the pictures. ‘Make it look like.’ Made up. It’s a manner of speaking but does it look like a white woman thing when pictures from Thailand, South Africa and Ghana feature white women? Were the Women’s Marches a white privilege? Macau’s image is contains a white woman holding a picture of some racially-stereotypical rose in hair, Hispanic woman in the background. In the foreground stands a white male with his child  strapped onto him and a ‘TODDLERS AGAINST TRUMP #ThisiswhyIMARCH’ sign. I…I am trying not to take this as seriously as they claim it to have been.

Tools of the Tirade

I aim to misbehave is a line from speech given by captain Malcolm Reynolds in the film Serenity.  It and the Firefly, the series it was based on were written and created by Joss Whedon and are one of the best show and big screen combinations I can think of.  Whedon was an ardent, vocal and active in his opposition to Donald J Trump. The choice of the quote on the shirt reminded me of an episode of Right Angle* where the speech is referred to as a marvelous example of conservative values.

Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 18.47.15.pngMisbehavior is after all subjective. Different things happen for the same reasons.

Some saw Trumps campaign, rhetoric and win as a justification to protest. Some view themselves as the resistance and others see them as the establishment. Some think he won because of behavior like the tantrums evidenced by the Marches others think it was through his own efforts and focus economics.

The tools of the trade were the same but the interpretation differed.

I think it was mostly about access to resources and wanting to feel accomplished. Things Trump has done so far and plans on doing will effect the jobs and prospects of people in different ways. Many participating in the march are in fields closely effected by moves such as a freeze in federal hiring and calls to cut funding to the National Endowment of the Arts. It in general also shows a continued shift in culture that could explain why the left leaning entertainment and news media were so against Trump.

But remember they say this was not an anti-Trump march.


Sure maybe if I had watched it from a universe, far, far away


  • More pics.

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