See What We Want to See

This is part of the Protesting Planned Parenthood Protest series and the Trumptrain to MAGAland Project. A lot has been said about what people saw over inaugural weekend. I was privileged enough to be able to attend both ‘sides’ of the event. I wonder how different the perception would be if all those that attended either of the main events, the Inaugural ceremony on Friday or the March on Saturday, had decided to stay for both days and see each other.

White Lies about a White Cover-up


I took these pictures  My way to the Opening Ceremony at the Lincoln Memorial on the 19th of January. I thought it was a good move to do this as they had recently re-turfed large sections of the grass.

Little did I know that white cover would be such a talking point. The same person referred to into in Demos of Demonstrators, posted an image claiming to be taken by a photographer at noon showing an empty mall. Not only was I there recording President Trumps speech that begun at noon, I had previously seen the image with a refutation ostensibly supported by the clock on the Smithsonian Castle, and made the following.


I thought there was a chance the clock was broken and then found this picture when writing up this post.


Time Preferences

Why was this being turned into a popularity contest? One may say there is not big issue with a little white lie. Why do people care about the number of people that attended. Goes beyond the misguided claims about the popular vote I addressed in The USA is not a “Real Democracy”. Pick a picture and assume it s accompanied claim is correct. I doubt they account for the people that were prevented from entering by protesters blocked entrances were chained arms. Neither would it those that did not come out of fear of the rioters. It does not account for this being the time when a large number of people would prefer to stream it online or watch the events from home. Especially accounting for the advancements in technology and Trumps dominance on digital platforms.

It likely assumes people have the extra money to take time off and fly in for the inauguration. It does not account for the fact that Washington DC, and the surrounding DC Maryland Virginia Area(DMV) is politically in opposition to Trump. This would lead to a lower attendance of locals then in the Obama if years. An interesting point was made in a YouTube video about how many people may have purchased tickets convinced Hillary Clinton would win, but then decided to use them anyway for the March.

If one was to say that activating people around inauguration is a general positive didn’t we would have to say that Donald J Trump activated people not only on Thursday, Friday and Saturday versus Obama and doing it on one day, but he also did this in multiple countries and cities across the world.

The Black Ice under White Lies

The claims that there has been intentional efforts to undermine the presidency call Donald J Trump, aren’t without merit. How important are appearances to you? A white lie told between two people may not lead to much, but the ones to the number of people some media sources reach, have far-reaching effects. The initial report goes out and the amount and  just as few wanted to see both sides of the event, how many would make time to verify the factual nature of the claim let alone establish if it actually matters who showed up?

Alternatively ask yourself, if it truly does not matter, is it real news?


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