You Literally sound Illiterate

On the bus down to Washington D.C. for Inaugural weekend I faintly what sounded like 2 young women speaking. I could hear occasional snippets and it sounded like some political talking points. The accent was an average stereotypically Maryland accent* with the occasional whatever and likes liberally sprinkled in. It reminded me of how much what is said is affected by the speaker.

You’re a White Blonde Female

This is Rachel Maddow. American television host, political commentator, and author.


Well this was her years ago. The shoulder and neck are features I find quite attractive. Some may consider them masculine features. She may be more familiar to you from the following picture.


I have been critical about the choices made in outfits during broadcasts, (‘broad’cast, cast broads…just saw that) generally preferring those that played down their physical traits and focused on the information they delivered. Appearances can be deceiving and I may have a bias against broadcasters that do it from having been swayed by a pretty face or feature. Megyn Kelly, formerly of Fox News, has often been accused playing up her sexuality. In addition the high-heeled and crossed legs look is not uncommon to FOX shows.

Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 12.51.55.png

now on the same team?

Men and women are attracted to different things. The producers would prefer as many people to consume their product and know that by definition attractive things attract. What some often glistening bare skin and healthy hair may do for many males is similar to what a well cut suit and a nice watch does for female. Make the person they see worth listening to.

This also goes to how things sound. Ever notice how many comedians have a a shriller voice? Chris Rock, Chris Tucker, Dave Chappelle, Lewis Black etc. There are not many with deep Barry white level baritones. Unconscious biases exist. Certain tones, accents, inflections, deliveries make people sound more credible. Maddow said Donald J Trumps Inaugural speech had “very dark echoes in American history.”

Think back to that first picture of Rachel Maddow, with the flowing blonde hair. Imagine that with an added typical valley girl accent, how seriously will you take her? A smile on her face saying ‘It was like the darkest thing I have ever heard it sounds like stuff that was said for-ever ago. Like, Make America Great Again? Whatever, America was never great.’

If those at the Women’s March had solid complaints, whatever they may be, I wish they had chosen a better way to convey them. Otherwise you may find yourself speaking to a brick wall.

Oh… oh my.


Got to Trump International Hotel and people were booing the building.




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