I Know How Racist You are

I woke up this morning to the continued growth of a clear example of both racism and also ‘Islamophobia.‘ The freeze on immigration that has many up in arms is based on nationality not religion. It is  similar to the recent freeze former president Obama put on Venezuelan migration. Were you calling him anti-Christian or anti Hispanic after that? Of course not.


…unfollowed due to carcinogenic content :/

Remember though, ‘power + privilege’ and President Trump is a White Male… So get into the streets, type away on your devices, let the bile flow! Assume that every person in those seven countries, are of the same race and religion. I have and still deal with the bureaucracy of travel. I wonder what percent of these protestors actually know what it is like to apply for visas, as many come from countries that have exceptions for shorter stays.

Would I prefer less government red tape between traveling? Yes! It would be nice to go back to pre world war times when there were no passports, or welfare states to incentivize migration. Saw a meme saying wouldn’t it be nice if as many people that were at JFK airport in New your protesting would do that to welcome returning troops home. Nah what would be nice if the troops never left and could stay and protect the home.

TGISunday got to have my weekly decompress after this frustrating morning. Pics of that in a following post. Went to Trump Tower. President Trump doesn’t lie about Taco Bowls.


the least i could do is make this for this hero

  • Video from Stefan Molyneux who once more puts some things I wanted to say in his particularly amazing way. I support emotions when they have valid causes.

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