Precedent Trump Did Not Lie

…about taco bowls.

Met some friends at Trump Tower on TGISunday. Wanted to taste-test President Donald J Trump’s claim that best taco bowls are made at the Trump Grill. The man did not lie.

Sure it is the first taco bowl I have ever had, it still is the best one.

The unprecedented is becoming typical of the new administration. I have been writing about the Protest Partiarchy Women’s March-Madness and marveling at how no president before him had activated so many people both in support for or against them. Attending the one in DC solidified my support of him  in such a powerful way that I may have been blinded to the reality of Trump presidency, despite my previous claims that even after the win it would be like none before.

Couldn’t think of another leader that would take step down in quality of life by winning the position. The $1 salary for sure I can think of none yet here I was thinking I’d have more time to set up the Trumptrain to MAGAland Project.


I should have known better. He won my support and the election because was unlike other presidential candidate. Why expect him to be on a schedule that came natural to Presidents, Heads of State, Bureaucrats and Politicians. A common concern of  friends who shared their concerns with me, from the onset of his campaign through to a refreshingly in-depth call some days ago,  was the unknown factor Trump represented. After the inauguration conversing with some protestors one claimed they preferred Clinton due to her predictability. Ye here I was making predictions on the first and only God Emperor would preside in his Trumpenrecih based on the very same previous behaviors.

Most politicians are like many in the dating ‘game.’ They try to be the best at dating as they can be. I am of a mind that the goal of dating should be to not need to date again. A means not an end. I agreed with arguments that that a lot of what Trump said and did during the campaign was in order to win. Get the position to be able to preside.

I may have been wrong in the Trump is #NOTYOURPRESIDENT. I did not get it. He is not my, your or anyone’s president. He is not a president at all.

He is The Precedent.


such a champ.

  • People were thinking of this kind of ‘wildcard,’ but remember kids, not everything on TV is real.

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