Trump De-Ragement

Remember the rage weeks back? How innocent of all charges one was? How unfairly they were being treated by passing accusations? How there had to be some malicious intent behind it?



It was the CIA and the FBI who were investigating. Just having a private server, deleting some an not turning in materials all happened and were violations. As for emails that were released, nothing in their content has been proven false.

Hillary Clinton’s emails about what she did trump issue about what others did.

Haters Love Trump

If he campaigned on fear and hate shouldn’t it be good that he does less than half of what he campaigned for? Yet many were confident that he would amount to nothing after he was sworn in. As sure as they were that he would not win.

His picks began to be picked apart. Oh, no I forgot, “stronger together” yet we minorities all need special representation, equal share, fear the whites, don’t appropriate our very separate and unique cultures. Could have been hyperbole or just general frustration.

Trump Loves Haters

Actions have more impact than words which speak louder than thoughts. They are all important to better understand each other and in hopes to encourage the positive or dissuade the negative of either 3 things.

Much has been done and yet to be done. More is being said about these things and it seems everyone has thoughts on them. Posting this from the runway of JFK, sitting in a Qatar airways jet to Nairobi via Doha.

You may not be able to physically leave but if you find yourself drenched by the deluge of activity or drowning in the melt wash of the blizzards that seem to have only gotten worse the more active Trump is…take some time to disconnect. Trump de-ragement will be here when you get back and the GE Trump “the Precedent” can more than handle the current hate.


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