Barack Obama Dindu Nuffin

He was a nice President. Dindu nuffin in Chief of the dinharm no one forces.

Many have observed  how active United States President Donald J Trump has been and joke that for the first time in history people are mad at a politician for keeping campaign promises. I agree and add that the white  shine from God Emperor DJT ‘The Precedent,’ may be obscuring the president that preceded him.

Paying closer attention to politics over the last decade and increases in the amount of available information is not enough to explain sharp contrast of how Trump and Obama are treated.

Landed in Nairobi yesterday and met at the airport by a driver Ive known for a while.   He said that my prediction from last year unfortunately came true due to the 45th president of the USA and first God Emperor. I told him that despite what he heard from the media Trump does not hate immigrants, actually married one and has been focusing on illegal immigration. An issue may countries deal with, Kenya included.

I asked how the victory was taken locally in comparison to that of Kenya’s son Barack Obama? He laughed but but added that it was nice that Obama had no scandals. To counter yet another media narrative I skimmed the gun-running during fast and furious, brought up the Benghazi embassy deaths and then mentioned Libya of which they admitted was scandalous. Obama’s campaign said there were no scandals, the local establishment media picked it up, ran with it and the sources that reached Kenya regurgitated it. He dindu nuffin.

Should not surprise anyone. ‘Obama Dindu Nuffin’ started before he was awarded Nobel peace prize at the start of his first term. Committee was asked if they could award someone that had made only promises and answered ‘Yes we can.’ 8 years later, Trump issues an executive order based on the actions and information obtained under the previous administration and yet it continues. ‘Obama Dindu Nuffin.’

The guy I talked to did do something. He asked for my opinion since he knew I was coming from the US. More people all over the world are beginning to question what they used to take as news. People want real information and find where it is being provided. No surprise there.

Trump says people should that were ignored won’t be anymore. Other people act violent. Trumps fault. Obama invites Black Lives Matter representatives to White House because ‘black folk’ are ignored. Black folks act violently. ‘Obama Dindu nuffin’, he for certain dinsay nuffin after.

I get it. Many of you think black people are incapable of being anything but puppets. ‘Minorities’ are just some tools that dindu nuffin unless you whites and related woke folk can do it for us.

I should have listened when you said only white males have power and privilege. Have agency. Not all for sure as you say this privilege hurts many whites as well, but as a black no matter what I do or achieve, I will always need your help.

A sincere and heartfelt fuck you from me to you.

No apologies for the curse word. I dindu nuffin, you made me do it.


Even Kenyans are onto the cow manure that establishment media is shoveling.




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