I See Read People

Saw this q :

How many books do you like to be reading at any given time? Finish one and then move on, or can you have 2,3, or 4 on the go and read depending on your mood?

My answer:

Used to multi more. Have moved on to audiobooks and when I stay in one it gets more immersive and increase the occurrence of dreaming about it. Especially in fiction I can dream of tangents to the story and at times as a participant

Someone asked if it came naturally. I haven’t undergone much training but am admittedly more creatively inclined than average and growing up traveling may have increased my tendency to imagine and piece together things that aren’t quite there.

I see read people.

Do you?

zeke and monote. rantatonne.png

Woke up from a dream in which I saw a simian creature and sketched him. Ended up turning into some character design for a potential game. In “Zeke & Monote”, control a kid who is in a game controlling characters in that game.

Don’t let your dreams be dreams.

Let us know what you think

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