School Sucks Project Podcast

The joys of my so called life continues. Had the pleasure and honor to talk to Brett Veinotte of The School Sucks Project (SSP). We discussed some of my experience over inaugural weekend and in general turned into a conversation an enjoyable and fantastic way to try and piece together the events of the weekend and ongoing estimations of the paradigm shift we are experiencing.


Whether you are coming here from SSP and/or having listened to the podcast here is a pertinent link to get some of my core support of ‘the precedent’ Donald J Trump, Not Another Brick In the Wall.


Click here to visit the  SSP page with link to podcast

Part 2 of the Podcast : I Marched : We Won

Some related links to what was discussed in the podcast.

Protesting Planned Parenthood Protest Series | Trumptrain to MAGAland

Following is one of the first videos from SSP I watched. Brett has a way of communicating these ideas that I find admirable. Give it a watch if you have yet, and re-watch if you have.


4 responses to “School Sucks Project Podcast

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